#SummerBreakGoals: Invest In A Cool Graphic Designing Workshop

Last updated 21 Feb 2017 . 2 min read

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The world of internet has placed exceptional importance in the hands of visual communication. Graphic designing has thus become a sought after career option. 

A text-heavy post, no matter how well-researched and well-written, doesn’t really get clicks and views. But a visually attractive post looks appealing and interests readers to click on the post. 

In fact, all the modern data collected proves that visuals increase engagement by at least 10%. Having a great graphic designer to spice up your content and website ultimately means more engagement and converted viewers who will spend longer amounts of time on your site and come back more often. 

So get your graphic designing chops bang on by undertaking the Graphic Designing Workshop in partnership with SHEROES. The 3-month course is being provided on half the market price for the SHEROES community members. So what are you waiting for, sign up and upskill yourself. Take out 2 hours each on weekends for 3 months to master the art of graphic designing. 

The last date for sending in applications is 3rd March 2017. Click here to apply.


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