Start Your New Year With New Habits

Last updated 8 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

New year resolutions are a passe. It’s overhyped to the extent, wherein people make new year resolutions only for the sake of not feeling left out. I seldom, took up any of my idealistic new year resolutions to its conclusion. The reason being, my impatience.

We are the generation of smartphones, smart computers and every god damn technology with smart features. But, what is missing is the common sense. Common sense to work bit-by-bit in realising our goals. Both short term and long term.

A system has to be in place when you’re trying to turn around your life, particularly for good. You’re the sum total of your habits. To change your life, the first matter to be addressed is, changing habits.


The most common mistake when trying out something new, is to go all out. This happened with me ‘n’ number of times. The idea is not to get overwhelmed and then leave it mid-way. You don’t have to go big or go home.

This list of hacks posted in, will tell you the ways in which you can incorporate changes in your life by taking up new habits, one at a time. Develop these habits in an organised fashion and get ready to face the world with renewed vigour and energy.  


Sneha Dadrwal
Tiny sized content aggregator. Best friends with Coffee. Travels the world to eat. Army Wife. Content is the king.

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