Some take aways from today’s live mentor session with Sairee Chahal

Last updated 8 Feb 2016 . 2 min read

Did you miss the live mentor session with founder and CEO of SHEROES?

Women with different professional aspirations and backgrounds participated in the online live session this morning. There were senior working professionals looking for a change in their profiles to professionals with 3 years of industry experience posting questions. Here is a glimpse into the variety of questions tackled within the hour. Click here to get the whole picture.

Taruna, a senior communications professional with 17 years of work experience wanted to know how she can get back to work full-time after being on a career break since late 2007. She felt ready to get back to full-time work but wanted an opportunity specifically in CSR.

Sairee gave Taruna a plethora of other options by specifying that the same skills can be brilliantly reapplied in the social enterprise segment, startups, communication, digital communities, social content, research and other industries too. 

When Deepa, a Chartered Accountant and MBA degree holder from IIM Bangalore spoke about wanting to resume work after a gap of two and half years specifically in the management consulting space. Sairee commented on her qualifications and gave her a wider area of options / work places that would be open to the idea of hiring a part-time management consultant. 

Dr Renuka who is working with Amity University, Noida who comes with 16 years of experience in the corporate sector and majorly in academics. She said she had a deep interest in teaching and research in higher education, however, she was looking for flexi options, in Noida/Delhi so as to devote more time to her children. 

Sairee spoke to her about her rich experience and added that it can be a very valuable asset. However, she stressed on the fact that opportunities in universities or traditional academia might not be as flex friendly - and the ones that are very flex friendly may come from start-ups, private sector or projects.


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