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Here's to the amazing SHEROES Summit Trivandrum 2018!

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sheroes summit trivandrum 2018 sheroes summit trivandrum 2018

Let’s start with a wonderful news and celebrate 1 million downloads of SHEROES on Playstore! Yes! You read it right, we are now 1 million strong, which happened just a week before our amazing SHEROES Summit in Trivandrum at the glamourous UST Global campus. We would like to thank everyone for being a part of this beautiful journey, keep walking and supporting us to reach a family of “10 Million”.

1 million on SHEROES

Our first time in Trivandrum, and we felt like home, people in Trivandrum are so warm, it melted our hearts. Our partners UST Global, a digital transformation solutions company, are driving towards the journey of hiring more women in Tech, they have a job for every expertise and were handling queries on their Help Desk at the Summit.

UST Global

We started the Summit with a soothing singing bowls session by Jenil Dholakia; it refreshed our minds and we were ready to kickstart the day with a refreshing mind.

Jenil Dholakia at SHEROES Summit 2018

G. Vijayaraghavan, part of UST Board of Directors & Chairman talked about CADRE- Centre for Autism and Other Disabilities Rehabilitation Research and Education, which has an all-women team, including security start and is supported by UST Global.

He says,

“We have made conscious efforts to get women back into the workplace. Lots of returning women here. Gender diversity a collective effort.”

G. Vijayaraghavan

Sairee, founder of SHEROES, read a poem “Main Udna chahti hoon” at the summit penned down by Usha Joshi, member of SHEROES, who travelled four hours with her daughter from her hometown to attend the Mumbai SHEROES Summit. This was the first time she got out for herself. A few lines from her poem “Pankho se udan nhi hoti, Udan hoti hai hausle se”. This poem touched everyone’s hearts and we felt truly great for all the love we get from SHEROES community.

Moving on, Mitali Mukherjee, Co-Founder & Editor, The MoneyMile, talked about the stereotypes in the media industry and how the industry as a whole is not supportive toward working mothers, but her drive to keep learning kept her going. She is a Champion in SHEROES Money Matters community and says “Financial conversations are so difficult for women. Women are kept out of decision making" which motivated her to start something of her own.

Mitali at SHEROES Summit 2018

KLAY DayCare and Prep Schools, our partner in crime, launched "Creche in a box" at the summit and were there at every venue, so that moms can bring their babies and at the same time enjoy their "me time" with all the other ladies.

Klay at SHEROES Summit 2018

Our community members had a lot to share too, here’s what they said:

"Have been an RJ for 5 yrs. Every day when we mobilise any good cause, our listeners reach out immediately. So, I believe there is humanity everywhere"

says RJ Chinju.

"Women and marginalised communities know the taste of oppression. As I made more connections with real women and beyond, was inspired to start @ElefantIsHere" says Aparna Gopan

"As a child I hated maths. Today I run a data community on the SHEROES app" says Namita Nair, Moderator, SHE Drives Data, SHEROES.

It is great having a powerful woman on stage and sharing their experiences, Shefali Sonpar, Sr. Director, Head of Insurance Practice, UST Global joined us and told us how UST Global has helped her grow as a person.

"The secret of success is support" The SHEROES app is a great place to give and get support, be you and nourish your dreams.

“UST Global allows me to work on next-generation digital transformation solutions and pursue my passion of working at the intersection of business and technology."

Shefali Sonpar at SHEROES Summit 2018

Alicia Holley Castillo, Silicon Valley Angel investor, former scientist, founder of Women Get Funded, uplifted the energy while talking about women, entrepreneurship and funding your business. She inspired the audience by saying that the purpose of life is when we care about others, are open to sharing more with others. Success has many factors, Success might be out of our control but our attitude is under our control.

Sairee, Mitali and Alicia together at SHEROES Summit 2018

“It’s good to think about oneself, but the purpose of life is to serve others too. And that what makes me excited about SHEROES.”

Tarit pal, Percussionist and Navaldeep Singh, Slam Poet created a vibe of enjoyment with their talent. It was an amazing experience listening to Navaldeep’s poem. He encouraged people to spread good vibes in the universe because it finds a way to come back to you.

Navaldeep Singh at SHEROES Summit 2018

Vijay Kumar, CEO and one of the co-founders of InApp. He was previously with TestHouse India, Elecktro Konnects India, Inkas India and Castrol India. He says "Tech is an enabler not just for gender but all kinds of marginalised groups".

Vijay Kumar CEO at SHEROES Summit 2018

"SHEROES is designing the new Internet for women. Join this universe by sharing your story, being a champion for another woman, creating a circle of support!” says Sairee, Founder of SHEROES.

Selfie booth at SHEROES Summit 2018

Everyone was so happy as they had a great time at SHEROES Summit Trivandrum at UST Global Campus. Our last but not the least Delhi Summit is happening on 12th September, Wednesday at EROS, Nehru Place. It is going to be huge and we are pumped to make it a huge success. Register here to experience the one and only SHEROES Summit.

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    Can other members also take part in such summit? When is the next one? How do I get involved in it?
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    @Reshma it is already done dear. Keep an eye out for posts from us on the next years' Summit.
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    Happy to be a part of SHEROES summit @ Trivandrum
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    Amazing Experience. Thank you SHEROES
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    Glad to be part of the Trivandrum SHEROES summit. Inspiring sessions, opportunities to network, soulful entertainment n connecting dots. Truly main udna chahti hoon!!
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    I always wants to be distinguished from others
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    I always think about my hobby that I earn or doing some think for me but I failed bcs my limitation of thinking .
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    Happy to be a part of this amazing event
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    See you on Wednesday @Shalini!
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    What if i miss d opportunity at Trivendram.... Its our turn..... Delhi We r coming... yuppiieeeeรจ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡
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    Enjoyed being part of the Trivandrum Summit. Much needed networking opportunity for women to connect and grow.
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