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Published on 6 Mar 2015 . 1 min read


Product and Alliance - Paytm Payments

Tell us about yourself

Mother of 8 month old most wonderful daughter, wife of a most supportive husband from 4 years, daughter of most caring parents and hence with this extra efficient support system, trying to excel in everything I do. 

What is work life balance to you?

It is all attributed to my support system that I am able to maintain this balance, however, do have a guilt sometimes when not able to give sufficient time to my daughter.

What does a day at work look for you?

Extra efficient in less time and limited resources. 

What is the best about working with Paytm?

You get enough things aligned to your passion. 

What has been easiest or most rewarding about the decisions you've made in balancing conflicting demans of work/life/marriage/motherhood? What's the greatest joy / benefit that you've experienced?

I am known as a women, as a professional other then a mother/wife/daughter. And best thing is that I am able to set standards for my daughter. 

SHEROES - lives and stories of women we are and we want to be. Connecting the dots. Moving the needle. Also world's largest community of women, based out of India. Meet us at @SHEROESIndia

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