Self Publishing Boomerang

Last updated 29 Nov 2016 . 2 min read

The Publishing industry is changing faster than any other. With the advent of technology and internet, more and more content is available for readers at their fingertips. Self Publishing is flourishing as an impact of the current dynamics.

Mass disruption of information online, for the users also leads to huge competition for the content producers, they seek for innovative ways to promote their content. It is due to this, that, traditional publication methods are increasingly becoming obsolete. For a book to be published in a conventional manner, the time taken is an opportunity cost that an author isn’t willing to give up. The book subject may become redundant by the time it passes through the hands of an agent and then a publisher.

A lot of self publishing platforms, like CreateSpace, NotionPress, Partridge Publishing etc. help writers to help achieve their publishing goals in a much faster and an easier manner. These platforms offer not just publishing opportunities but, offer complete solutions, from editing, to book cover design and marketing.

More and more writers today are choosing to self published and follow the road less travelled. Many among them are now popular among their readers and are earning decent income from book sales. They rather believe that self-publishing gives them the freedom to market in their desired way rather than being at the mercy of a publisher/agent. They are also happy that they are the direct recipients of their book sales unlike being a part of the not-so-transparent processes at the publisher's end to identify their book sales.

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