Putting Your Foot Down – 5 Things You Don’t Owe Your Boss

Last updated 9 Jan 2020 . 1 min read

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Those of us who have bosses we love and are proud of, are truly the lucky ones. Unfortunately, in an intensely competitive corporate environment, the employer-employee dynamics can truly become a challenge. While having a tough boss will have you learn things the harder way and push you to out-do yourself, but there are certain limits you must set for yourself.
Here are five things you definitely do not owe your boss, and no matter what, you shouldn’t have to carve out a career by having to pay for these. If that is what you are doing, it is time for you to assess whether your current job is really worth it.


No job, no boss, absolutely no one and nothing is worth your health. Health here meaning both physical and mental. If your job is turning into something that is taking a toll on your physical health and sanity, and your boss doesn’t seem to understand, maybe it is time to look for a change.


Over time now and then is alright. But 12 hours every week, and work even on weekends throws the much needed work-life balance completely off track. If your boss seems to be making your work exceptionally tough, and turning it into something you don’t even enjoy and are constantly stressed about, you know it’s not worth it.

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You are entitled to your privacy. Period. This aspect is something that is completely off limits at your work place. If you feel like your employer is responsible for any sort of breach of your privacy, understand that you are legally entitled to protect yourself against it.


There are multiple things that could be perceived as a threat to your dignity – sexual harassment, bullying (or any other form of harassment), discrimination, lack of equal opportunities, are only some examples. Do you owe your boss anything that compromises with your dignity? Absolutely not.


At times, it so happens, that you find yourself at cross-roads with someone about a difference in the set of ethics both of you might subscribe to. If the other person happens to be your boss, it becomes even more problematic. To work with a boss whose ethics are in conflict with yours can be disastrous for your career as well as personally. If you firmly believe in your own set of ethics, you mustn’t part with them even when it seems to be the only choice you have.
Change can be scary, especially in the professional realm. However, there is wisdom in realizing the limit of what you can and cannot compromise with. You don’t owe any of these five things to your boss, or your job. Accepting it, and move towards a change will only make your career and your life better!

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Faced a situation where you have had to resign because of any of the above reasons, or because of something else you realize you don’t owe your boss? Share your story with us!

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