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Pocket Money Problems? Work-from-home To Earn That Extra Buck!

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work from home for pocket money work from home for pocket money

There is a huge difference in the way every parent chooses to raise their child. This difference widens if one were to compare parents from different countries.

In India, the typical urban upper middle class child is not expected to fend for themselves as soon as they turn 18; whereas in countries like the United States; young adults are expected to leave home at 17 / 18 years of age to pursue their college education while also working to fuel their needs. Parents may choose to pay the college fund but most students choose to take up internships and jobs to help with expenses, too.

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Some of the key benefits of working / working-from-home as a student:

-Early exposure to corporate / work culture
-Helps you build confidence and self-esteem
-Helps you prepare better for the future

Go-getters like Harshad, a young First Year student at HR College of Commerce, Mumbai spends his evenings working at the Café Coffee Day outlet closest to his home.

He doesn’t “need” the money but on turning 18, he wanted to try and stand on his own feet. “For how long will I keep taking money from my parents for my upkeep? Besides, after a point, I want to be able to make my own decisions; for instance: if I want to go for a movie, I want to be able to decide on my own and spend on my own. If I don’t have my own money, the decision is on the basis of whether my parents will give me the money or no!”

But is it easy for young urban college students to find work / work-from-home opportunities?

“If you look hard enough, there are options at every corner says Amrita,” a final year BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) student in Pune. What does Amrita do for that extra buck?

“I try to freelance and write articles for platforms that interest me. My key areas of interest include food, food reviews, entertainment, etc. So I try to reach out to websites that need articles on a regular basis.”

How does this help her?

Not only is Amrita getting that extra money to fuel her own expenses, she is getting adequate exposure to her line of work. Once she graduates, she will be much ahead in terms of experience (even if her role is a freelance role for now) than the next student who pursued just text book education and chose not to take up some practical work experience on the side.

How can a student find work?

-Focus on your area of interest or area of study. For instance: If you are a Mass Media student: you could pick up part-time work at the local newspaper agency.

-Look for internship opportunities in small companies close to home / close to your college

-If you have a tight schedule, look for part-time work opportunities or work-from-home opportunities. These can be found in the local newspapers: classifieds or job sections.

-Platforms like SHEROES constantly post internship opportunities and jobs for freshers. Even if you are still studying, it would make sense to apply.

What to keep in mind when trying to find work:

-Ask an elder sibling who is an experienced professional to help you make a CV

-If you don’t have someone to help you with a CV, approach a mentor

-Check for formats online if nothing else works

-Keep both hard copies and soft copies of your CV ready

-Check for vacancies that specifically ask for freshers / interns

-Make sure you send your CV to at least one new place every day

Are you ready to get that extra buck to fuel your expenses or to save for something you’ve always wanted?

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