Personal Branding For Women: 5 Self-Branding Tips For Branding Yourself Online

Last updated 27 Jan 2021 . 1 min read

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A good personal branding strategy can help in personal branding for women. Stand out in your career or business with these tips for building a personal brand.

Do you want to stand head and shoulders above the competition? Would you like to be seen as the expert in your domain? Whether you’re a career woman or a businesswoman, branding yourself is important if you want to stand out and be noticed today. 

With the growth of online networking and remote work, personal branding for women has become essential. An individual’s brand and online presence is the #1 way that recruiters, customers, and potential business partners find out all about them online.

Kylie Jenner is, perhaps, one of the best self-branding examples of a young woman using her personal brand and social media influence to build a cosmetic empire and become the youngest billionaire in the world. 

Thanks to her savvy self-branding strategies, in 2019, Forbes estimated her net worth at US$1 billion, making her, at age 21, the world's youngest self-made billionaire. 

While not everyone can replicate her success, it’s definitely possible for women to start building a personal brand that helps them get ahead in their career or business. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or graphic designer, self-branding can set you apart from the competition and attract the kind of opportunities that others in your field don’t have access to. 

Here are some self-branding ideas for building a personal brand online:

#1. Build a personal branding website

Having a self-branding website is not only very economical today, but also an essential step to creating a personal brand identity. 

Whether you’re a businesswoman, artist, author, website designer, or graphic designer, self-branding with your own personal branding website is the first step to branding yourself online.

As an artist or designer, you can use your self-branding website to showcase your portfolio online, while a writer or author can use it to publish a blog or promote their latest books. You could even create a personal brand logo with your name on a number of free logo creation sites.

As an entrepreneur, you can start a blog or podcast to express your views and discuss the latest developments in your field with other experts. Your personal branding website is the place where your audience can learn all about you and your latest ventures.

#2. Branding yourself on social media

Just as Kylie Jenner became a massive success with self-branding on social media, this is the first place many people will look for you. Today, social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are where people are likely to connect with you. 

For building your personal brand at work, LinkedIn is one of the channels you should definitely be on, but it’s also essential that you create a presence on newer social media channels or at least book your name on them as soon as possible.

#3. Publish a regular blog or newsletter

You don’t need to spend any money to publish a newsletter today. There are plenty of free sites, like WordPress, Substack, Bloglovin, and Medium, where you can create a blog or newsletter that your audience can subscribe to. 

Building a following on these sites will allow you to keep your audience updated with your latest ventures, such as a new book release, a new product launch, or even a promotion that you’re running.

Personal branding for women

#4. Publish a book

One of the best ways to brand yourself as an expert in a specific topic is to write a book about it. It doesn’t have to be a very long or detailed book. It can just be a tutorial on a topic that you’re good at or a collection of your blog posts. 

The purpose of publishing a book is to showcase your knowledge and let people know what skills you have. Whether your book sells well or not, the fact that you’ve written a book will set you apart from thousands of others in the same field.

Writing and publishing a book can open up avenues that you never thought possible. You could get invited to speak at conferences, become an ambassador for your organization and more, all because you wrote and published a book. 

#5. Speak at events

Another way of building your personal brand is to speak at events, from local events, such as Rotary Club or Toastmasters, to TEDx events. 

Of course, getting invited to speak at events is easier if you already have some achievements under your belt, but even young people who have something unique to say can get invited to speak if they get noticed by event organizers. 

Creating a brand for yourself doesn’t have to be hard, but remember that developing a personal brand will take time, effort and a creative personal branding strategy, so don’t expect overnight results when creating a personal brand. 

In today’s competitive job and business market, many people are realizing the truth of the statement, “I am my brand.” When creating your personal brand, take inspiration from others in your field who are doing what you hope to be doing a few years down the line.

If you can put in the effort of figuring out what you want to be known for, create valuable or entertaining content that people love, build a following online and persist at it for a while, you’ll be successful in building the brand called YOU.

Kylie Jenner image credit: By Hayu - CC BY 3.0

Priya Florence Shah
Priya Florence Shah is a bestselling author, award-winning publisher of and online branding consultant. Since 2006, she has published - one of the top blogs for women.

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