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Ride The Highway Towards Your Growth & Wellness

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Have you ever driven on a slope where there were lots of cars lined one behind the other? There’s a fine balance between the clutch and accelerator to remain stationary or move slightly, otherwise, the vehicle slips back. Our life is a little like that.

It requires constant effort to move ahead or stay at the same place, else we slip back and maybe bump into other cars.

There’s, of course, some rest and vacation time thrown in to enjoy.

The thing is that the human system is quite a masterpiece and not entirely that simple to navigate and drive. There are too many switches, levers and handles. It usually takes a whole lifetime for one to discover the whole of it, let alone learn and master it. This, IF we’re constantly engaged in the pursuit of our own knowledge, deeply.

Most of us simply allow ourselves to keep bumping into each other, landing into potholes, sliding off steep curves and even falling off cliffs on a regular basis. In human terms, this activity would sound something like failed relationships, quarrels, chronic stress and anxiety, cardiovascular conditions, cancer, depression, work or monetary issues etc.

Ironically, the whole of society had been entirely focussed on everything that had nothing to do with ‘us’ - the human beings - for a long long time. Slowly, we have begun to realise our genius and at the cost of our egos undergoing a substantial battering, we are at the least willing to take a look at this hideous oversight. Most of us are clearly witnessing our collective selves rolling headlong into an unimaginable trench with realities with the likes of global warming, mass extinctions of species, toxic food production, pollution, the epidemic of mental illnesses, crippling life challenges raising their heads on a day to day basis.

The only gap now being that we have lost the know-how of how-to- know! Enter the boom of wellness and spirituality! The good part is that we have an outstanding opportunity in this entire scenario.

We can start off on a blank slate and we don’t need to worry about the past. But we need to make that choice, and now.

Wellness really only means going back again to living the way we were designed to live. Having that know-how again, not just in books but deep down. Being connected to yourself again. Plus fixing some of the things we screwed-up in the first place. Like our breath, kidneys, heart, mind, energy and of life around us.

So, if you relate to any of this, have questions around gaining some insight related to anything in life, of yourself or in relation to those around you – your loved ones, planet Earth, your pet, your food habits, yoga, meditation, prevention or cure of a disorder, relationships, your heart, fitness, mental relaxation or redress, how to get a perfect figure and glowing skin...I think you get the picture...please join me on Monday, 12th February at 3 pm for an AMA on the Sheroes portal!

I’ll be waiting to receive your queries, post them before or during the AMA and I’ll be happy to answer them for you to the best of my ability.


Ruchi is a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach at Aikya Yoga. Join her TODAY at 3 pm for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on our Yoga and Meditation Community.


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