Our 2016 mantra for women: Eat, Rest, Run!

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Women can bring a lot to the table as professionals, because of their nurturing and natural managerial instincts. Women contribute more to the concept of work-life balance too. But mostly, when it comes to women, often after adopting multiple roles in life, they forget to replenish their own health and wellness.

In the hullabaloo of work life balance, women need to self source this strength. How equipped are we, for our own nurturing? Start the New Year keeping yourself in mind for a change!

Eat Right

Food is that vital component of our lives that helps nourish. However, embracing food as a healer can become a gradual part of our hectic lives. Eat to stay healthy! Start with,

-Exploring new diets, or regimes, organic ones too

-Become aware of components of fat, carbs, proteins, minerals and sugars that you ingest daily.

-Keep a note of of sugary, white flour carbs and fried food intake and cut them down gradually.

Meditate and rest!

-Set aside 5 minutes a day, preferably early morning, before anyone else is up, and practise any meditative routine that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

-Search the web for guides on yogic chants, transcendental meditation, theta breathing etc.

-If time permits, join a course under a trained meditation professional for guided practices

Studies have shown that merely 5 to 10 minutes of Me Time can make a huge difference to inner peace, if followed habitually. Look forward to this Me Time, and find your mind and soul refreshed. Start small, aim big.  


Exercise is a scary word. A prudent way to rethink would be,

-Even 15 minutes of exercise a day is good

-Maybe a high intensity aerobics or Zumba class is just what I need!

-Fitness is fun!

Let fitness no longer be your foe this new year! Keep being kinder to yourself. And start the year on a new note: Eat well,rest right and run!


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