No time for fear - get over your fear of failure

Published on 13 Dec 2015 . 3 min read

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” How valid is this question, is the question. Fear is real and it does exist. So, a better way to answer this question would be to ask a better question;

“What do I want so badly for which failure doesn’t matter?”

Most people who feel stagnant do so because they are too afraid to move forward and get what they want. They’re stuck because they’re afraid of failing in the pursuit of something they don’t want badly enoughPeople are afraid of failure, and therefore they let fear stop them. Time and again. 

So what does it take to overcome this fear? Here are some useful tips.

1.    Set Achievable targets: Start by setting achievable standards. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself every time you set your goals and plans. Take comfort in the fact that you can never do everything all the time. SO focus on what you can do and plan accordingly.

2.    Get a Mentor:  Sometimes it gets hard to see the bigger picture. You might need another person’s perspective on things. A person who has gone through what you are going through currently. They help you see things clearer and act as a guiding post.

3.    Ignore the unnecessary:  No matter if you succeed or fail, people are gonna talk. Failure attracts a lot of bad publicity. You don’t want people to bring your spirits down so the best way to deal with people in times of failure is...ignore them.

4.    Learn: You are bound to fail every now and then (face the harsh reality) in your daily endeavours. But the thing you got to remember is; nothing worth learning comes free. Every time you fail at something, look at the bright side of it and try to learn from your mistakes. This will not only help you in getting over your fear of failure but it can also help you immensely in succeeding at what you set out for.

5.    Take the first step:  When you have figured out what you want to achieve, don’t let that motivation simmer down. Take the first step immediately. Even if it scares you to the core, just do it! You’ll figure the rest out on the way.

Loads of people are trapped in fear because they haven’t even accepted what they might want out of life. They won’t even allow themselves to think about it, let alone take action, because they are too busy focusing on the obstacles. 

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Aditi Sharma
I am currently pursuing an MBA and am planning to engage in a successful career in Social Media Marketing. I am frisky and a feminist. I like to write, but I LOVE watching movies. If humans and property were allowed to mate, I'd marry my TV :) I'm an optimist and I enjoy the little things in life. Not too ambitious but I do have goals. I don't know where I'm headed but I'll figure it out on the way.

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