Neha Agarwal - From Engineering To Digital Marketing

Published on 28 Feb 2017 . 3 min read

Neha Agarwal has come a long way. From a nervous small-town girl, she is now the Marketing Manager at Indian Gifts Portal (IGP).

Neha completed her engineering in 2009, at a time when the IT industry was witnessing a huge recession. She couldn’t find a job anywhere. She didn’t have the option to study further and didn’t want to get married early. But she didn’t let these problems stop her. She started looking for a job and joined as a fresher SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) in a small company that offered her a stipend of just Rs. 7000.  

However, she gained enough knowledge through this job to be a complete professional in the e-commerce industry. Later, she moved to Delhi and joined a leading digital marketing agency that also offered her a decent salary. In 2011, she joined Jabong and worked there for 4 years. And now she is the head of department at IGP.

In her own words, “My career journey started in a very haphazard manner and I didn’t know that I would end up as a marketing professional. But today, I love every bit of being a digital marketer.”

Upgrading herself

How does she manage to stay updated in such a dynamic industry? Says Neha, “I read a lot of digital marketing content online on Moz, Google product forums, LinkedIn etc. Besides we have a Google community of Indian Webmasters. I am active there too. Also, I attend webinars and listen to podcasts of industry experts in USA, UK etc. Even my Facebook feed is organised in a way that helps me stay up-to-date with the recent updates.”

What she does

As a marketing manager at IGP, she plans SEO strategies, maintains a social media presence and engages with influencer communities. She also works on improving site performance on search engines, which leads to better rankings, site traffic and revenues.

Tips for newcomers

What would she suggest to upcoming marketing professionals? “Network with like-minded people and industry professionals. The world is a social platform and you should know how to use your social media profiles for networking, visibility and building brand ‘You’,” she signs off.

Her journey is proof that courage in difficult times can take us to great heights. So be courageous and chase your dreams!

Written by Inderpreet Kaur Uppal


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