My Internship Diary - Things I Learnt In a Month

Last updated 12 Jun 2018 . 1 min read

internship learnings internship learnings

We usually mistake internships to be just odd jobs, from fetching coffee for the boss to sitting idle doing nothing. I can proudly acclaim that my internship was nothing close to that. It was about having targets, and working hard to achieve them. It didn’t stop at that. We also celebrated whenever we achieved a target, and it was highly motivating.

I’ve learnt some basics of working in a professional company, like being diligent and passionate, and have realized that in the real world, time is money. I was given goals that I had to achieve, and mostly I achieved them. Also, the team meetings that happened every week were really informative and told me about how each person’s work was contributing to the company’s growth as a whole. Also, new ideas and upcoming projects were discussed.

 The three main lessons that I have learnt from Internships are:

Startup culture: Since SHEROES is a startup, the work culture was very different from what it would be like in a more established organization. And the best part about working with a startup is you are greatly involved with the ideating stage, and conceptualizing, etc, and then implementing those ideas. Whereas, in huge companies, the decision making isn’t left on you, so it isn’t challenging enough, you just have to implement on someone else’s brain child.

Teamwork: I learnt how to work in a team, and how each member’s work contributes to the team’s output as a whole. It is important for each member to have a clear understanding of the goal of the team.

 It’s about loving your work: I learnt that the key to learning is loving and knowing your work. If you enjoy what you do, you will automatically start meeting your goals and be happy to work, even if you’ve to work extra. I enjoyed working and so I always looked forward to coming to office, as it lightened my mood. And once, you start achieving your targets, you will be self motivated and achieve “job satisfaction”.

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