Motherhood is a Never-Ending Job: What Happens After Mother’s Day

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sheroes mothers day contest 2018 sheroes mothers day contest 2018

Before we started this contest, we knew that the mother-child bond is the most sacred and special one, but now we have proof! The response to SHEROES “Share Your Vacation Stories - Mother’s Day Contest” was huge! We received many heartfelt submissions from loving daughters and moms alike. SHEROES would like to thank all participants who entered the contest for sharing their personal and moving stories!

For many participants, the contest served as a means to send a tribute to mommy dearest. Through the testimonials, children made Mother’s Day all the more special for their moms.

Motherhood is a never-ending job with no remuneration, no sick leaves and no weekend holidays. A mother’s efforts often go unnoticed and unappreciated, yet, quitting is not an option. She is your first teacher, she is your first friend, she is your first playmate, not only that she also dons the hat of a nurse, a cook and your advocate For Life. Your pain is her tears; your happiness is her smile. While the whole year she keeps you at the centre of her universe, on Mother’s Day it’s time to switch places and let her get some attention and pampering.

Here are some heartwarming excerpts from the stories we received:

Manjit Chahal said “Thanks to SHEROES team for supporting the mothers and also for giving them the opportunity to participate in the contest.” Manjit also shared with the SHEROES community that she lost her mom 4 years ago and how they used to spend their vacations together.

Nisha Verma shared her story of a fun-filled holiday where she and her family visited many places. She also added a dedication to her loving daughters – “A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.”

Nits Jaiswal mom of a 1-year-old baby boy was happy to announce her love for her mother and the fact that her mom never raised her voice with her. She calls her mother “Maa” and her mother addresses her as “Shona”. She feels cared for in the presence of her mom and she also relishes her mom’s home-cooked meals. Last year the mommy-daughter duo went to Bangalore to attend education summit and they made the best of their time together by enjoying each other’s company to the fullest.

Pranshi is a mom of a baby girl and she very wisely said, “I think that every day is a Mother’s mothers are everything for us.” Pranshi revealed how sweet, hard-working and kind her mom is, she also added that they share a very special bond. The story of her fantastic trip to Himachal with her mother and the rest of the family is filled with fun and enjoyment. Pranshi was appreciative of her mother for taking care of the whole family throughout the trip. She very aptly said “Hum jitne bhi bade ho jaye par Mummy k liye humesha chhote hi rahenge.”

Rama Medidi expressed her love for her mother by saying “I Believe in love at first sight because I love my Amma since I opened my eyes.” She shared that her mom is her best friend who supports her in every situation.

Kavita Vats testimonial also included some kind words for SHEROES, she said – “Firstly Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommies all over the world..and secondly Thanks Club Mahindra and SHEROES for giving us the opportunity to share my summer vacation story with my Mother, family and with my Child”

She shared that her vacation was extra special because this vacation was organized to shave her baby’s head hair (for the first time) at Haridwar. She adds that the best part of the vacation was that she was accompanied by both her mothers (Mother in law and Mother). She added – “We have enjoyed the company of each other…. We had a great time with these two lovely ladies and rest of our family members. Our vacation was full of fun.”

Contest winner Vasundhara is a mommy of a baby boy. She opened her letter by expressing gratitude towards Club Mahindra for giving her an opportunity to pen a few words for the dearest person in her life i.e. her MOTHER. She also appreciated team SHEROES for providing a beautiful platform for all the ladies in the world.

Vasundhara aptly wrote that for parents a vacation is a big privilege because it is probably the only time where parents think before their needs against their wants. Through a Mother’s Day Vacation, she tried to give her parents everything they MISSED during the beautiful journey of their young lives. The fun-filled vacation fulfilled her mother’s unspoken dreams of travelling to a new place, visiting monuments and enjoying fun activities like swimming, go-karting and golfing.

In a few words:

With a contest like “Share Your Vacation Stories”, Team SHEROES tried to celebrate motherhood by taking you back in time where mom was your best friend, trusted confidant and favorite travel buddy!

We hope we were able to rekindle the memory of mom ki jadoo ki jhappi (warm hugs), jog the memory of maa ke haath ka khana (her homecooked meals), remind you of her loving champi malish (head massage) and help you commemorate her INFINITE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

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