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13 Healthy Hidden Secrets of Moong Dal

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moong dal benefits moong dal benefits

Do you remember the childhood days, when your mom used to make you sit in front of her and literally tie you with that cotton saree of hers and feed you Dal with a chapati? Also, the target was not just to have it but finish the bowl of dal till the last drop left in it and you, at any cost could not utter anything against that.

We as children were bound to have that dal porridge once in a day, no matter if we had a taste for it or not. Now, years down the line, have you ever thought that why our mothers used to insist so much and had always fed us with that? In fact, many of us eventually developed a taste for it and have started taking the Moong Dal as a must component in our daily meal in either form of salads, soups and stir-frys. Though we are now having this from years, many of us are still unaware of the wonders that moong Dal makes into our lives. In fact, Moong Dal is considered to be the healthiest in the world of beans.

Now let’s intake the amazing benefits of Moong Dal placed in a platter below.

#1. Make you look Young:

Forget about taking saloon services and spending thousands of rupees on it. Take this natural home remedy which has proven and better results. The daily intake of moong dal in your meal can actually make you look 10 years younger from your actual age. The scientific reasoning for this benefit is that moong dal contains copper, which is a powerful anti-ageing agent and helps in reducing wrinkles, vanishing, age spots and lightening age lines from your skin. Women are fond of their skin, hair, nails or basically anything which enhances their beauty. To continue this flawless look, women are advised to have a bowl of moong beans in their breakfast to solve the purpose. Moong dal gives you a sparkling and glowing skin and can also be used in the preparation of a face pack or face cream.

#2. Regulates your Metabolism Levels:

If you suffer from indigestion or any kind of acidity, then moong dal can surely be the best cure for your problem. Moong dal contains fibre which is known to multiply the rate of digestion in the human body.  The intake of fibre softens the bodily waste and simplifies the process of excretion from the body. Intake of Moong dal can completely vanish the acidity problems from your life and can keep you healthy and fit.

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#3. Keeps a command on your Cholesterol levels:

Do you really keep a check on your food habits and care to see the nutritional information mentioned on the food packets? This unhealthy lifestyle often causes severe heart problems and increases the chance of a heart stroke. Fortunately, moong dal can play a vital role in regulating your metabolism levels and make you stay healthy, fit and away from all kinds of heart diseases. Make it a habit of sipping up a bowl of moong dal every day.

#4. An Easy Snack to have:

You need not have this dal in the same boring way every day. You can make a moong dal chilla, which can be a healthy nutrient pancake and will also help you lose a lot of kilos. Intake of moong in any form either be a chilla or a soup can help you tremendously in weight loss. In fact, it is the foremost dish suggested by the dieticians when looking for a weight loss diet. Starting your day with a light baked chilla will serve you plenty of nutrients and also will make you feel light throughout the day.

#5. Gives you Strong Bones:

The natural calcium supplement present in the moong dal can help you in strengthening your bones. Consumption of Moong dal improves your bone health and can save you from all kinds of fractures. So if you want to take a break from your gym and keep on showing off the gym muscles, then make a practice of having moong dal regularly in your meal.

#6. Gives you a Good Oral Health:

Moong Dal is a set of packed nutrients and along with the presence of calcium and fibre, it also contains sodium, which is considered to be master of all gums and teeth related problem. We must have heard the composition of sodium salt in our toothpaste as an essential element. So if you suffer from any kind of gum problems like pain, foul odour, gum bleeding that Moong dal can surely help you with that.

#7. Balances out your Blood Pressure:

The busy lifestyles have poor eating habits have made almost all of us a BP patient and a daily consumer of BP tablet to maintain the blood pressure. Strikingly, moong dal can very easily maintain and control your blood pressure if consumed daily. The presence of magnesium in moong beans can lower down hypertension and eases the blood vessels. But you must not forget to take your tablet if you have high blood pressure. Moong Dal can surely help you in maintaining your blood pressure but you simply cannot depend on it for the lifetime.

#8. Boosts up your Energy and Concentration Levels:

There are times when we feel extremely low and completely drained out with no energy levels and look for a cup of coffee and energy drinks. However, if we switch to this natural and the greatest source of iron which is the moong beans then our mental and energy levels can certainly increase. Also, it is known to sharpen the memory and brain levels. So be a happy person round the clock and energise yourself with this nutritious meal every day.

#9. Increases your Immunity Levels:

The presence of iron in moong dal beans can amplify your immunity level and make your system as strong as a rock and stimulate the count of white blood cells in the body. Intake of moong dal can make your body more powerful and help you in fighting with the infections easily.  It provides natural strength to your body and makes you no less than a wrestler.

#10. Improvises Your Eye Sight:

As the shape suggests, the eye-shaped moong beans are very useful for the eye-sight. The beans are stuffed with Vitamin C, which is a natural anti-oxidant and helps the retina to maintain its flexibility. So if you have a blur vision or a hazy view of the things then you must make a practising of having moong dal in one of your meals.

#11. Initiates Growth in your body:

You must have seen children with impaired or stunted growth around. One of the main reasons for this improper growth is the lack of vitamins and minerals. Surprisingly moong dal beans are a natural blend of all essentials and can do wonders to the growth system of your young ones. Adding a bowl of moong dal to the platter served to your children, will prove to be an effective growth supplement for them.

#12. Protects your Liver:

One of the most important parts of your body is your liver. Surprisingly, intake of moong dal beans can act as a protective shield on your liver and protect it against any damage. The beans are the greatest source of protein and considered to be the best among vegetarian food. Moong beans ensure proper working of the liver and keep it safe from diseases like jaundice.

#13. Controls your Sugar Levels:

Moong dal can be the lifesaver for diabetic patients as it breaks down the bad sugar and forms the chunks of good sugar inside the body. The formation of good sugar is very easy to digest and does not spread in the body. So even if you have an extra bite of your favourite sweet, then consumption of moong dal can help you in balancing that. But do not forget to take all the precautions as a diabetic patient and take a sugar-free diet whenever possible.

The above-stated benefits must have been an eye-opener for all of us and you could have never imagined that these tiny beans are the sacks of intense nutritional value. The moong Dal beans are the first thing that the nutritionist suggests to have in the meal, and now we know the reason behind it. Beginning from the top of the human body i.e the hair, the moong dal caters its benefits to everybody part till the bottom. It provides radiance to your skin, good texture to your hair, promotes growth in your body, strengthens your bones, empowers your immunity system, improves your eyesight and a lot more.

So make sure that you start including them on your meal and cherish the benefits of this supreme pulse.

Trushika Narang
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