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Sunaina Rekhi completed her a double major in Economics and Econometrics from Nottingham University. She began doing yoga in 2005 and now trains across Mumbai at Yoga House (Bandra & Juhu) and Yoga 101 (Versova) and at the prestigious Otters Club (Bandra) – in addition to various corporate clients such as Google. Sunaina tells us more about yoga and more –

How did you enter the field of Yoga Therapy?

I graduated from Nottingham University with a double major in Economics and Econometrics. After I got married to my husband, we were living in London. I went on to pursue psychotherapy and counselling and when I was pregnant did a course in Child Development. I started my yoga journey in 2005 in London when I embarked on a quest to touch my toes! Subsequently, this led to the quest to balance on one foot; and the quest to do a Chaturanga! I quickly realized that the tangible satisfaction of achieving these milestones was addictive and left me feeling not only physically stronger and flexible but more spiritually and emotionally grounded. What started as a healthy addiction to yoga and pilates, grew into a consistent Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and culminated in a teacher’s training course in Rishikesh!

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Today, I train at various preeminent yoga centers across Mumbai – Yoga House (Bandra & Juhu) and Yoga 101 (Versova) and at the prestigious Otters Club (Bandra) – in addition to various corporate clients such as Google. I am also fortunate enough to have started a home studio of my own in the forecourt of this lovely quirky little cottage we bought in Bandra where I do a mix of private sessions with my celebrity clients and some group classes.

What are the top three teachings through Yoga that help deal with daily life stress?

Yoga is not just an internal endeavor, nor is it just an external one. It has to do with everything we as humans beings are involved in. The outer, the inner, the emotional, the rational, the social, the cultural aspects are all interwoven and equally important for growing and becoming a better person. This is the whole point of “stretching yourself.”

As a trainer how would you peg yoga versus other therapies to lead a healthier/ wholesome and fit life?

Without involving mechanical (and boring) repetition, the asanas are designed to prime every muscle, nerve and gland in the body, and each pose has its specific function. so daily practice brings about physical stability, balance, agility and stamina, as well as mental equilibrium and confidence; a combination that is rarely achieved through dance, athletics, body building, team sports or any other form of exercise where competition and performance are part of the package.

What are the top three myths surrounding yoga today?

I think one of the myths surrounding yoga is that Yoga is Hindu. Is gravity Christian because Isaac Newton discovered it? Yoga is a technology. Yoga is for everybody.  

The other myth surround yoga is “I can’t do asanas (postures) because I am not flexible”. Do we ever say, “I can’t play tennis, so I won’t go learn tennis?” You have to go for classes to experience it, practice it and dedicate yourself to it. Then magic happens. Then strength, flexibility, balance, clarity of mind all take place.

The third myth is that Yoga is too slow! That is not true as there are many different schools of yoga that cater to you, to your personality. If you want a more calming style of yoga, maybe it is Hatha Yoga. If you want a more vigorous style of yoga, then maybe Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. 

What words of advice would you leave the readers with?

People love to theorize yoga. Yoga cannot be understood in theory. You need to live yoga. An ounce of practice is worth ten tons of theory.

Sunaina Rekhi
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