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Published on 26 May 2015 . 6 min read

Today we share the story of Seema Bharwani, a multi-faceted Shero who works as a Training and Development consultant by day and a Content Consultant by night! Most women are known to multi-task on a daily basis, but Seema takes it to the next level.

Let’s read on to hear more about what she does and what inspires her, we can learn a thing or two!

What Line of Work are you In?
Sometimes I feel it’s easier to explain to people that I deal in narcotics (it’s a BAD joke), however I’ll try and be both brief and descriptive here. By day I work as a Training and Development consultant - at the moment my works takes me to Africa every two months, it was always my dream to travel for a living and I am so grateful to be living my dream every day. By night (or on the weekend), I work with authors, speakers and coaches helping them design products and content which enables them to reach more people AND make more money. I work primarily with people who are in the space of personal development, because it’s my area of expertise and also the space that I am most excited by; currently I am coaching two amazing authors through their book writing and publishing process and I also run a mastermind group for women entrepreneurs which is one of my proudest achievements this year.

I don’t have a webpage as yet, it’s a work in progress, but you can follow me on Facebook or feel free to send me an email at [email protected], I love hearing from people and I’m super open to collaboration. (While I always encourage people to have a website, I’ve had a business that’s doubled in revenue each year from word of mouth alone, so I do believe your work is your BEST marketing strategy).

How is your business / venture unique from others in the similar field?
I haven’t really met too many training consultant/content consultant/business coach/book coaches; so I guess that’s one place to start. I have a short method that I use with people to help them discover what makes them stand out from everyone else, in short it’s 4E’s:

E1: Expertise: What are you an expert in? What do people constantly ask you about?

E2: Experience: What life experiences have you had which are unique to you?

E3: Education: What did you learn about, both formally and informally?

E4: Enthusiasm: what are you super passionate about and what can you talk about all day long?


What are the top challenges you need to always overcome at work?
My biggest challenges are time and ideas, I don’t have enough time and I have too many ideas. I’m a multi-passionate, which means I have multiple interests and I’m good at more than one thing; so it’s really hard sometimes to draw a line in the sand and focus on one project. I’m getting better at saying no to things that distract me, I also find it a challenge to work across multiple timezones, travel 50% of the time and do everything else that needs doing so I hired a life assistant to help me out with a lot of my life and business activities (best decision ever) and I will probably hire a technical assistant this year to help me with some of the other activities I have.


What drives you in your business / line of work?
I have always been driven by learning and sharing, I spend way too much money on courses, programs and other trainings that help me grow either personally or professionally. I love sharing ideas, collaborating with people and connecting people - there is so much value in being of service to others. I am super lucky that I get to wake up everyday and make a difference to someone’s life, or business or income - that’s honestly what keeps me motivated and focussed every day. I love to play a role in helping someone else’s dreams come true.

What words of advice do you live by?
I really had to think about this for a few minutes, and I managed to distil it into the 7 commandments I really live by and really share with everyone that I interact with, so here they are, ‘Seema’s Seven Commandments for Success’: 

Always Be Creating - think about how you can create, innovate, or be better. Ideas are free, and idea generation is a habit, make it a part of your day.

Be Grateful Everyday - each day, I think about five things I am grateful for, someday’s it’s BIG things like a free upgrade on the plane, and some days it’s the little stuff, like the chance to talk to a friend I love via Skype.

Collaborate Instead Of Compete - there will always be someone else in the same space as you, look for ways to work with each other instead of against each other.

Dare To Be Different - Normal is boring, you can’t stand out by fitting in, today it’s so much easier to live your dream or turn your passion into a job. If you can’t figure out how to make it happen, send me an email, we’ll figure it out.

Everyone Deserves Some Sunshine - One of my favorite training programs to facilitate  is a program called The Fish Philosophy (there’s a few books and programs around the same theme); and my favorite principle is about ‘Make Their Day’, so I find ways to spread some sunshine wherever I go, for example I always take chocolates for airline staff when I travel, because some of my friends are flight attendants and they always talk about how under-appreciated they are, I’ve gotten reactions ranging from tears to shock to hugs and it always makes me feel super happy to know that I was the reason for someone’s smile.

First Big Then Small - dreams are good, big dreams are amazing, figure out your BIG, it scares the crap out of me dream and then start small, work hard, make things happen!

Give More Than You Get - you can’t take your money or your knowledge with you, don’t be afraid to share your knowledge or experience with people, relationships matter, and eventually the Universe will return the favour.

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Seema B
Paroma Sen
Paroma Sen is a professional content and creative writer.

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