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Published on 6 Feb 2015 . 4 min read

We talk to Rajni Basumatary, who directed Raag and acted in the movie 'Mary Kom. She tells us about her career in movies and more - 

Tell us more about yourself  

I come from the Boro community from Assam. My father was a farmer and a church pastor. We were not well-off in our childhood and my parents had difficulty in providing us with enough materials in life. But we were contented with our life, primarily it must have been because life those days was not consumerism driven. So we had a happy, normal household to grow in and nurture our imaginations. I hail from a small town called Rangapara and hence I had to leave for bigger cities for better educational and career opportunities. I first moved to Guwahati and then to Delhi. 

What made you choose a career in cinema? 

I have always been interested in the art of story-telling- in all forms- be it through writing, or images. I loved reading books and watching films, even at a young age. I started writing short stories for magazines and dailies. This habit of writing helped me to evolve in creative writing.  That is what inspired me to write screenplay initially. And my first production, Anurag happened. That’s how my journey as a script writer, director, producer and most recently actor began.  Last year, I wrote, directed and co-produced a film called Raag which was released by PVR Cinemas under its Director’s Rare program.

Share with us the best part about acting in Mary Kom.

I take pride in the fact that I have been able to be part of a film that narrated a story of a woman, a SHERO. When I was offered the role I was excited primarily because of its association with a national hero, who happens to be a woman and a north easterner like me. Priyanka Chopra, who is a huge star and a bunch of talent herself, being in the film came as a welcome bonus for me. Thanks to the popularity of the actor, national icon MC Mary Kom's heart-warming story was known even more widely after the film was released. These are some of the best parts of acting in Mary Kom for me.

What is work life balance to you?

 I am a senior government officer’s wife. So my life is quite disciplined compared to many other in media and films. I wake up to see that the children get ready for school in time. I drive them to school myself instead of sending them with the driver. After I come back from the school I go for a run for 45 minutes either in Lodi Garden or Nehru Park. After this I spend another 30 minutes in the gym. After my breakfast I sit down to answer emails and phone calls. Then the time comes to pick up the kids from the school. My meetings and catching up with friends are placed either between 11am to 1pm or between 3pm to 5pm. This way I don’t miss out spending time with the children.  My husband, Shirish Jain and I are now strict about our dinner and bed time. We have our dinner at 8:30pm and sleep by 11pm, no matter what. Of course, we allow ourselves ‘cheat-schedule’ once in a while.

A message to all SHEROES out there.

 Human values are deteriorating. There is disrespect for life and nature. Our redemption lies in our love for anything artistic and creative.  You SHEROES can do wonders to love and receive love which in return, will rebuild a society that is more conducive to live in. 

Rajni Basumatary - SHEROES - Mary Kom
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