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Tell us more about you
I am an Entrepreneur at heart blessed with a beautiful daughter "Saaz" who is 3yrs old. I have a professional Degree in Electronics Engineering and have worked for various Companies like Wipro, Reliance. Vastradi Jewels was born after working in the Corporate sector for 6 years.

What got you started?

I have always been a person who was really fond of Good quality Ethnic, Art & Fashion Jewelry and it was very disappointing to not be able to find vendors who could fulfill that requirement at decent prices. After talking to other female friends in my circle, I was very sure that this was a pain point for many females around me, not just in my city but in other parts of the country as well. Apart from this, we (me and my husband & co-founder Vinay Jaiswal) always had this dream to start off something of our own, become Entrepreneurs and were looking out for a right opportunity to jump into. This was the time when E-Commerce industry was making waves in the country, although investors were losing their interest due to cut-throat competition. But driven by our conviction, we pushed the idea of creating a brand, Vastradi Jewels, which could make people come closer and buy Beautiful and Uniquely crafted Jewelry which was easily available and very affordable. 

As an entrepreneur, what are the challenges you face?

I would call Challenges, little Struggles which actually pushed me to do better & some of these were managing the finances & cash flow well, getting the Customer taste right, Product quality right, connecting with Good and Reliable Vendors, Getting the Business Model right, hiring the right team and keep them motivated.

But yes, having an experienced partner in Business was extremely helpful and since I had a very encouraging family supporting me and a husband (also my business partner & early investor) who mentored me continuously and made each speed breaker look like a small hiccup for me.

A message to all SHEROES out there.

Message to dear budding entrepreneurs would be not to lose focus and continuously keep working towards your goal will reap you benefits. Don't let yourself feel down because of failures but see them as an opportunity to learn and do better.

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