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Published on 2 Sep 2015 . 3 min read

“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe…” – Thomas Keller

Home food has its own special charm. The biggest differentiating factor between home cooked meals and restaurant-made food is the way the food is prepared. So what happens when someone starts a venture with the aim of serving food with love?

Jayanti Kathale started Purna Brahma with the aim of serving culture food, made with love. Let’s hear more about the venture from her,

Tell us a about yourself

I worked as a Project Manager with Infosys before quitting and choosing to follow my passion. While working I used to make and sell “Modaks” via Orkut. That was probably my first stint with selling my own home made eatables. I moved to Australia with my husband in 2006 but even while there, I continued to make authentic Indian sweets and cuisine, it seemed to get a good response from the Indian community there. I continued making and selling goodies…

During the festival of Diwali things seemed to boom and it was during one Diwali that things changed. An old man called, wanting to order Diwali sweets. Even though we said we would home deliver the sweets, he ended up coming home himself to collect it.

He seemed to miss his sons who were abroad and had wanted the sweets to give his very ill wife. We realized that there were many people living away from their close ones or those who were living away from “home” and suddenly bringing traditional home cooked food to them seemed like a great idea… 

How did the inspiration for Purnabramha come about?

We wanted to give people access to traditional food. We started in June 2013. Our aim is to use tradition and culture as a base to create mouth-watering food, the kind you would get in your own home.

How is your venture different from other Food / Catering ventures?

I think it lies in the way we celebrate different festivals and cultures through food. We have different “thalis” served every day, inspired by Maharashtrian cuisine from some part of the region.

What has entrepreneurship taught you professionally and personally?

According to me it’s all about - Responsibility ..

1. It is not only about business, It is an act, it helps in supporting people, society and generations.

2. Running “Purna Brahma”  doesn’t only mean Lavishness or enjoyment .. It is place where people should get food for thought.

3. We serve food with culture with emotions, with love, with passion, with all our heart…

What are your future professional aspirations? Any other ventures or the focus is Purnabrahma and its expansion?

I would like to open 5000 Purnabramha outlets across Globe!

I am looking for Investors and franchise owners who would like to take this up on a higher scale and see the dream of serving Food with culture all across…

Jayanti meet the sheroes
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