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Published on 24 Dec 2014 . 4 min read

She started out late but created a niche wherein she helps women and balances a plethora of activities. She is the on the Board of Directors for the Rotary Club - Koregaon Park and works in the capacity of their Director for Public relation. She has her own tiffin business, helps women set up their small business.

It’s always inspiring to know more about those who do and keep doing, let’s hear Jasleen’s story!

What line of Business are you in? 

I am in the line of Tiffin service & catering and I provide consulting services  to women to set up their own self-sufficing businesses. I am working with the ITAD group as a project management trainer and I run my catering service by the name of Pallavi’s Express.

I cook for small gatherings and kitty parties and dishes on order.

How did the inspiration for this business come about?

The inspiration to enter this line of business came from my mother and son and my working experience of the corporate world. I started my career at a time when most women have reached their peaks. While working with MNCs I could see a dearth of health. This was a result of lack of good food.

The food provided had soda in it with lots of spices. So I wanted to do something about this. When I quit my high paying job I needed funds to keep me afloat. With the support of my brother I started my Tiffin service from my house.

I used homemade spices and good sunflower oil as my base. Being good with food I was able to dish out varieties and started getting customers and weekend orders for Biryanis, kababs, other snacks.

At this point, I was working as a freelance trainer and also cooking. Today I have a team of 5 ladies who help me take care of my kitchen. My model of working with these ladies involves percentage sharing .I earn and you earn – that’s my policy.

I don’t want to compromise on the quality of food. Good food means that a person is healthy, a healthy person has a healthy mind.

I am not in the business of food. I am in the business of creating healthy minds and that is going to be my motto and slogan.

Presently I am only catering on Saturday and Sundays due to my expansion plans.

What does it take to be a successful woman entrepreneur?

Selflessness, loads of love, a good work life balance, understanding and no EGO plus focus.

It is not easy for a woman to start a business as everyone around her will tell her about the risks involved. If she is able to get over these fears and understand the dynamics of good book keeping, it is a piece of cake. Trusting oneself is important.

When part of the corporate world, what are the top 3 things every woman should follow?

Corporate world as all say is deadly and dynamic, you should:

Stick to moral values and principles of life, come what may

Never take or use advantage of another person’s weakness to grow. Believe and trust your own strengths as each individual is unique. Here I can quote a very beautiful story of my life which in normal circumstances could have left me a mental wreck.

Have a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, meditation and good food should be an important part.

What does it take to balance the home front and professional front for a woman?

This is the most difficult part especially for women. I would like to share how I do it. Maybe it will help other women.

I use the weekend to complete home chores and the latter part to spend time with my family. I try to plan ahead for the week over the weekend.

Any words of advice for young aspiring women entrepreneurs?

I will just say believe in your dreams and focus. Take a step back if you are scared to run ahead with full force. Do that one thing that you would love to see yourself doing in when you reach your yonder years.

Jasleen Anand SHEROES
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