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5 May 2015 . 2 min read

Meet the SHEROES - Alicia Souza

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?Do something that makes you smile everyday. EVERY single day!

Alicia Souza is a freelance illustrative designer whose interesting art work and designs can be found on popular e-tail sites like Amazon! Her creative designs and funky thoughts are what make her the unique artist she is. Drawing and illustrating inspires her. The next time you want an uber cool phone cover, look up her awesome mobile design cases on Amazon to pick something that's out of the world!

Let's see what this illustrator wants to share with us today! 

How did you get the inspiration to turn into a professional artist / illustrator?
When I got my first freelance job at a newspaper, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. After that there were a lot of twists and turns before I took up illustrating as a full-time career. 

Can you share details of your past work experiences and what they've taught you in life?
I worked in a cafe, which taught me how to interact with people casually and which also taught me the value of being really friendly. Then i worked in a bank, that taught me how to interact a little more formally and also how to sell products / services strategically. And then I started illustrating which taught me that I can do things I thought I could never do.

As a creative person, where does your inspiration come from before you make a design?
My mins starts working when I'm being given a brief. Sometimes I need to start with a blank piece of paper and actually think, but mostly I get an idea and then pick up my pencil.

What are your future plans, professionally?
Hopefully to work on more products and products that I've never worked on before. Meet new fantastic people. To start new series and do a few more things that I'm scared of doing!

What words of advice would you leave us with? 
Do something that makes you smile everyday. EVERY single day. 

Paroma Sen
Paroma Sen is a professional content and creative writer.

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