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Published on 29 Jan 2016 . 3 min read

Peak hour traffic is something no working professional looks forward to. On an average, the working professional of today spends at least two hours a day commuting to work and back. If they say that sleeping for 8 hours a day boosts health and then you take away your travel time from those 24, that’s 10 hours of your day, gone!

Maybe using that commute time to your advantage is the need of the hour. You’ll realize that you have a little bit of that much needed (extra) spare time that you can devote to yourself if you do.

Catch news / other reading on-the-go

Get your reading done while on the go. If you have a chauffeur to drive you to work, it is that much easier to read while commuting. If you travel by public transport, sink into a corner seat to get some reading done! For those who drive themselves, catch the current news through the radio while en route.

Make your calls

Did you miss calling your mother in law back the other day? Use your commute time smartly to catch up on pending personal and business calls. While on your way to work, you pretty much have nothing else to do besides wait to get to work. Use that time to your advantage.

Your to-do list

Why wait till you settle down at your work station before making the day’s plan? Make your to-do list while on the go. Once you have your to-do list ready before you walk into work, you can just start from the first task, thereby saving a lot of time!

Draft mails / make points

Are there some important mails you still have to attend to? Create drafts in your mind or in your notebook while on your way to or back from work. Half the job is done when you know the points that need to be sent!

Make your payments

Utility payments and other bills can be settled while on the go very conveniently these days. Download apps like Paytm and sync all your mobile / dth / electricity payments via it. You don’t even need to physically go anywhere to make a payment anymore.

Your shopping list

Since you’re the one who is most probably in charge of household groceries, you can use this time to make your shopping list. If there is a grocery store on the way, stop to buy your utilities on the way back from work if you aren’t the kind to order them online or call for it.

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