7 Things to ask your Mom Today!

Last updated 25 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

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"Mom". We all love our mums. We can't do without our moms. Just seeing our mother's faces can change the way we feel. The truth, however, is that underneath that 'mom'  is a woman and individual in her own right, one you probably don't know very much about...

This Sunday, think about things you've always wanted to ask but just haven't yet and then make your mother-daughter relationship strong! Here are some prompts to get you started.

1. On Being a Mom (Parenting) - Whether you're already a mom, planning to be one in the future, or even if having a child is not for you, finding out what your mum thinks on the subject is still going to surprise you with lessons you couldn't have learnt anywhere else. Questions like, Looking back, what would she have done differently as a mom? / What does she admire most about her own parents? / The best part (and the worst/the hardest/most surprising part) about having kids? / What did she try to do differently with us than her own parents did with her? / or Her proudest moment as a mother?

2. On Life Before her Mommy Days - Get to know who she was as a young girl and woman before she got married and became a wife and mum. Learn about her experience or thoughts on living outside of the home she grew up in. Or, her experience on love and friendships. Those formative years that shaped her could tell you so much more about why she is who she is and how in some ways it shapes you too!

3. On Work - Her first job, her dream job, how many different jobs she's held through her life and what they taught her, what she believes is the right work ethic, how and why she quit jobs, what advice she has for you at work? 

4. On Relationships - Ask her about her relationships, particularly the one she has with you and you are guaranteed to grow closer. Start with these - What about our relationship do you wish you could change? What would you want me to do differently? What qualities do you think are my best? In what ways do you think I'm like you/different from you? 

5. On the World and Life in General - Find out what her convictions are and what they used to be. What are the things she feels most strongly about? What is better/worse about the world today than when she was growing up?

6. On the Here and Now - Dig deeper into what she's missed out in life and if possible make some of her unfulfilled dreams of the past a reality!. Ask her what the best thing you can do for her is.  Ask her what she wants to relive from her earlier days. It's time to make her wishes come true!

7. On Being Her -  Did she ever feel discriminated for being a woman? In what ways is her life different than she imagined it would be? Who was her greatest influence and why? What gives her the most joy? She is after all one in a million!

You never know what you'll discover about your mom once you start, go a step further, don't just stop there. 

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Chrishelle David
Chrishelle is a creative, confident and driven communications professional with a passion for impacting the lives of children in particular and all those she works and interacts with in general.

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