Trushika Narang
6 Jun 2019 . 1 min read

Here's How To Make Your Invite-only Community The Most Happening Space On SHEROES

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make community more buzzing make community more buzzing

SHEROES is a Social Network platform for women. It is a safe space for women to express, share and build themselves. We have known and connected with each other through communities on SHEROES and the women here have been practically running these communities with their cute good morning posts, informational posts, life updates, and whatnot.

We thought, why to stop at this. Why not provide an option for all the wonderful women to create their own community based on their liking, interests, hobbies and anything that connects them with not only like-minded but like-hearted women too.

The newly launched feature which is trending among our women these days is the Invite-Only Community.

Pertaining to this new feature on the app, so many of you have created communities to engage with each other on numerous topics, themes and trends. And boy, you have been doing a fantastic job of engaging and interacting with your community members! Why not take it up a notch, right?

So here we are with a few simple tips that you can use to create more buzz and generate more interesting conversations with your community that you have created with so much love and energy.

Spread the word - Invite your family and friends from the social network

We as humans tend to believe more on the word of mouth as compared to any other marketing tool. So, for instance, you as an admin, have created a community for the book readers, so you must invite people to join your community and be a part of it.

As the name suggests Invite - Only Community, so you ought to send invites or can even receive invitations from the ones who are interested to join the community and approve their requests. This feature allows you to maintain privacy and share the content with your group only.

Value your member: Welcome every new member and value their posts, likes & comments

Each one of us likes to be acknowledged, recognized, appreciated and pampered. Let us imagine that we step into an entirely new space, and the people who are already the part of it welcomes and introduces you to everyone in the room, tells people about your achievements in your life, recognises your efforts and appreciates your work. Wouldn’t you be overwhelmed by such a sweet gesture?

The same way, each and every member who is a part of the created community holds immense value and the admin can always encourage members to create healthy relationships with each other by respecting their thoughts which are shared through the posts.  

Keep posting: It's your community. Keep visiting and posting relevant stuff regularly SHEROES likes to keep moving, talking, engaging, experiencing and much more. Hence the admin of the community can visit and post relevant stuff regularly or periodically. This will surely help to understand more about each other and will solve the purpose for creating the community.  

Give prompts: Give prompts to users to post relevant stuff

It is believed that humans themselves have so much within themselves in the ocean of their heart, that even libraries would fail to provide you with that much. People are the real libraries and their experiences are those texts of a book. We can get to know so much from each other’s lives and the experiences which we hold. So it is always advisable to push each other a little on the shared post and allow people to present their views, opinions and always provide a prompt action or a suitable reply to the post to boost the momentum of the ongoing conversation.

No unattended query:  Make sure that every member feels a part of the community.

It may happen that there are days when people are engaging a lot more and there is a huge buzz and traffic on a particular post, so there might be a possibility that in between the rush the query of a member gets unattended. However, the admin must overlook such posts and try the level best to not miss any of the queries and must cater to it objectively.

Highlight and praise the work of members who are contributing most. Give them responsibilities

There’s one thing can eventually multiply a woman’s effort to anything. Yes, it’s her praise. No beauty product can bring that glow which well-deserved praise can do to her face. It is always good to bring the active members of the community in the spotlight and appreciate their efforts by rewarding them and thereby creating inspiration for others to perform that way.

 Avoid fights and rude comments

The sole purpose of creating the community is to exchange ideas and create a good relationship among the members. So if we come across any kind of arguments, quarrels or usage of any abusive language then don’t you think that it will create bitterness in the mood and vibe? Therefore, no matter how different our thoughts or mindsets are, from each other, but the decorum must be maintained and no vulgarity or obscenity in language should be entertained.

Encourage debates/discussions/polls

It is observed that people speak more when there is a competitive spirit among themselves. Everyone likes to show off their knowledge and speak their minds out at the open forum. So if the admin sort of organises such competitions, debates or polls for any trending topic, the chances of heavy traffic on that particular post can double.

For instance, if there is a political community then time to time discussion on women participation in politics can be done or a simple poll can be done to know that how many people want to see a female Prime – Minister or a President for our country.

The easiest way to engage with your members is using "Ice - breaker" method

Fortunately, we have been able to find out the most effective method to engage members in the community. Yes, the ‘Ice- breaker’ is an activity game that can be used to warm up the conversations and allow people to interact comfortably on the posts.

For instance, if the admin wants to know public opinion on money-related matters, then conservation can be started using an Ice-breaker activity of say ‘How much money do you save from your total income?’ Ice- Breaker activities allows you to move from general to specific.

Make conversations. Understand your members and keep adding value

Nevertheless, if there’s no business or work opportunity involved, that does not mean that we will not talk on the community. We can still encourage general conservations and get to know each other formally/informally. After all, it is said that the most precious gift which you can give to anyone in this world is your TIME.

You will realise that nothing can make things work the way it works when you invest your valuable time to it. So speak and most importantly listen to what the other person says. There’s a lot more we can learn just by communicating with each other.

So we have shared what we felt can be good to run the Invite-only Community. Your suggestions and inputs are always welcome in fact, share what you have learned while running your Invite-Only Community. We can compile and share those tips in another article.

Excited to start a new community on SHEROES? You can do that now by downloading the SHEROES app and building your own online space.

Happy Communi(cating) & Keep talking

Trushika Narang
A former journalist with NEWS 18 did not turn Trushika into a politics lover. But bought out the writer in her. Trushika loves reading and writing about the little things which remain unnoticed in our surroundings.

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