Here's How You Can Be A Certified Yoga Instructor

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Career as a Certified Yoga Instructor Career as a Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga training is now included in Physical Education Training curriculums of most schools and colleges, as well as other institutions and groups. Yoga is being promoted not only in India but all over the world in countries like USA and UK.


We now have world Yoga day, and our present government is putting efforts to make Yoga a part of every person’s routine. As a yoga trainer, you can guide people as to how to include yoga step by step and gradually into their daily exercises and lifestyle schedules. Yoga is a vast domain in the physical training field and mastering it takes dedicated time and efforts. Yoga has several sub-domains, and one can master one domain at a time.



Several well known physical training and yoga institutes are offering diploma or certificate yoga courses. Yoga online courses options are also being provided for those people who cannot attend yoga classes physically. For opting for yoga courses in the well-known institutions, candidates need to be of sound physical and mental health. Those found unfit as per the applicable medical criteria are not given admission.


The selection is based on merit and on-time registration. The courses comprise theory, practical and project and comprise topics like traditional Yoga concepts and theories, Yoga therapy, Yoga postures and asanas, Naturopathy principles, Patanjali Yoga, Samkhya Yoga, Yoga and human anatomy and physiology, Yoga and psychotherapy.


Major Yoga courses being offered by well-known naturopathy institutes have been mentioned below. The eligibility, fee, age and other criteria are standard and not a generalization. There may be several other institutions which charge lesser or more than the standard. Government run institutes may typically charge significantly lesser.


Yoga courses


Bachelor of Yoga Education

This is a full-fledged three-year degree course in Yoga. The course is being offered both under arts and science streams. Candidates need to have cleared class twelfth board exams in any stream to apply for this course. There is no age limit for this course, provided the candidate is medically fit. The course fee can be around Rs 2 to 2.5 lakhs including other expenses.


Masters in Yoga Education

This is a full-fledged two-year post-graduate course in Yoga. The master’s course can be both under arts or science stream. Candidates need to have a Bachelors in Yoga discipline to enrol for the course. There is no age limit criterion for the course, though that may depend on the institutes.


Diploma in Yoga Education

Anyone who has completed education up to twelfth standard in any stream can apply for a diploma course in Yoga. The duration is around three months.


Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education

Any graduate of any age group can apply for a PG diploma in Yoga which takes around nine months to complete. The fee can be around Rs 83,000 for the entire course.


Certificate Course in Yoga (Assistant Training)

The duration of the certificate course is three months. To be eligible for the course, candidates need to have a diploma in Yoga (more than 500 hours duration course). The fee can be around Rs 74,000 for the whole course.


yoga courses instructor


Certificate Course in Yoga (General)

The duration of the course is around six weeks and fit people, of all age groups, who have an education till class twelfth can apply. The course fee can be around Rs. 37,000.


Advanced Course in Yoga

This course can be taken up by people who have completed a diploma or certificate courses in Yoga and have some teaching experience (six months). There is no age limit, although fitness is an important selection criterion. The duration of the course is one month, and the course fee is around Rs 26,000.


Foundation Course in Yoga and Ayurveda

To be considered for selection, candidates need to be fit and have a prior degree or a diploma or a certificate in yoga education. Candidates from all age groups can apply. The course duration is 21 days, and the fee can be around Rs 27,000.


Certificate Program in Basic Yoga Texts

Graduates or diploma and certificate holders in Yoga can apply. There is no age bar though fitness is a prerequisite. The course duration is 21 days, and course fee can be around Rs. 27000.


Online Yoga Courses

Various diploma and certificate programs are being offered by the major Yoga institutes. The major duration of the course, which can be up to one year, can be covered from home and only a short physical presence of up to two weeks may be required at the institute.


Part Time Courses In Yoga

Several institutes are also offering part-time degree, diploma and certificate courses in Yoga. These courses can be undertaken by people who are employed or who run their own fitness centres and are unable to spare time for undertaking full-time courses.


Other Yoga Programs

Institutes are also offering several programs on Yoga, including Yoga to treat obesity, chronic illnesses, yoga for cancer, meditation courses, happiness program and stress management courses.


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How To Choose a Yoga Course?

The foremost criterion is your interest and dedication to Yoga. If you have just completed your class twelfth and have decided to dedicate your life to Yoga, then you may join a bachelor’s course in Yoga and thereafter complete your masters. You may also undergo certification and advanced yoga training for getting more practical exposure.


If you hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Yoga, you will be eligible to teach yoga and can be a certified Yoga trainer. You can also contribute to Yoga research. Those who want to make a career as a Yoga teacher or instructor need to get certification as a Yoga trainer. People with advanced knowledge of Yoga can instruct advanced courses and programs in Yoga and conduct high-level research.


There are also many people from other walks of life who may want to undergo a Yoga course. Certainly, if you have an interest in undertaking a Yoga course, you should also procure a certification for having undergone the course. This will not be just another star in your profile but will also increase your ability to stay healthy and fit lifelong.


Are you someone who enjoys performing yoga? Have you thought about a career in it? Tell us in the comments below.


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