13 Lowlight Houseplants That Will Make You Go Wow

Published on 18 May 2019 . 1 min read

low light houseplants low light houseplants

Do you know that our surroundings affect our mood, productivity and creativity? Our surroundings are not only what we see, but they are also what we eat, talk, breathe, wear and sleep. Thus, creating a perfect environment around ourselves is fundamental for a happier, focussed and relaxed life. There’s a saying by John Ruskin, ‘Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty’, so why not start beautifying our surroundings with it. Add a touch of green to your home by filling up space with flowers and houseplants which will make your home look more pleasant. Be it a large potted tree for the living room or a soft bush in the bedroom, this natural flora will make a big impact on your lives. Also, studies reveal that rooms with bright light, both natural and artificial, can improve health outcomes like such as depression, agitation and sleep.

So let’s take a trip to the garden store placed below and know about the best low maintenance indoor plants.

#1. IVY

It can be that one worry – less baby in your house that that does not need much care and can grow in plenty, bringing a rush of green to the living room. With its availability in diverse varieties of colours, sizes and shapes, Ivy is adaptable and can grow both in indoors and outdoors. The lush of leaves looks the best when placed in a tabletop arrangement or a hanging basket for indoor placement.

ivy lighthouse plant

Ivy gives the best results when placed in proper sunlight, but remember that this baby cannot bear direct light.  The right amount of light is the essential element for retaining its charm, otherwise, the leaves will fade away and will look plain and dull green. Ivy clears the toxins from air and mould particles from indoor air.


Look at this English plant, with attractively silver patterned green leaves placed in a cute pot. Don’t you find it a must- placed a plant next to your bed, so that it can shower all its love on you?

evergreen chinese plant

This hale and the hearty plant is easy to grow and tolerates all the indoor conditions. It is also a very slow growing plant so you can see this baby growing in front of your eyes. Once it is overgrown, you can place it on the wall and cherish its long height. This art of beauty also acts as a wonderful décor in your home which can bloom and blossom your mood, each time you step in the room.


Pothos is considered to be the easiest houseplants as it can even sustain without water for days. The heart-shaped green leaves with a pinch of yellow spreads positivity in the atmosphere. It blossoms the best in fluorescent lighting and suitable for locations such as offices and lobby areas. They are best known for purifying the indoor air and killing the chemicals.



As the name suggests, this houseplant is the auspicious plant that brings good luck to your house and has a quite attractive and unique appearance. Also, the twist in the story is that the plant is not a member of the Bamboo family and belongs to the same family as the lily. The plant has many popular names like curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, friendship bamboo, Goddess of Mercy plant and ribbon plant.

lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo admires bright but indirect light and prefers to be placed in a cool place. The plant spreads in size and demands to be watered only with distilled one. As lucky as the name suggests, it is not toxic to humans, yet, can be toxic for pets if ingested.


Surprisingly, the plant possesses no qualities like that of a snake. The plant is believed to be the most tolerant plant which can completely fresh, even if neglected for weeks. Moreover, the plant survives low light levels and helps in keeping the air clean, proving to be the perfect houseplant. The strappy appearance adds a great architectural form to a room and complements all styles of décor.

snake plant

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The beauty of this plant will make its presence irresistible in your living area. The showy white flower with wide, big and bold leaves grown in plenty absorbs the chemical vapours and purifies the air. Recently, NASA clean air study recommended this plant for purifying the air in comparison to an average plant.  For best indoor air purification, about 10 – 12 Peace lilies are suggested for a typical living room. They are easy to grow and produces white flowers in the early summer and continue to bloom throughout the year.

peace lily


The name of this plant is significant to its growth pattern as the spider-like plant swings loosely from the mother plant like spiders on the web. It is considered to be one of the most adaptable and easiest to grow houseplant. They enjoy cooler temperatures and bright indirect light. The spider plant during the spring season, produces flowers, eventually developing into babies called spiderettes. If you are looking forward to keeping them, then water them well but do not put too much of it.

spider plant


The mesmerizing beauty of the plant makes it a requisite for it to be used in indoor landscaping. The plant brightens up the atmosphere and hence preferred in lobbies, meeting rooms and other interior areas. Calathea do well in low light and is easy to take care of. The wide green colourful leaves absorb as much light as they can and brighten up the indoor spaces.


The plant seeks distilled water and stays at a moderate temperature. It is recommended to keep them in humid areas as it absorbs moisture through the air. Unlike other plants, it grows fairly slow and once they grow to about 2 feet in height then the only trimming you need to do is of yellow crispy and brown leaves.


Rex Begonia offers colourful foliage ranging from purple, pink, plum, red, silver or black, making it a perfect contrast against other houseplants. The interesting colours and exotic look of this houseplant demand its placement on places like desks and table tops to catch attention. The plant prefers a medium bright spot and the vibrant dramatic colourful leaves demand some sun, especially in northern regions. This attractive, eye catchy plant is often placed in a hanging basket, situated in an entrance way, balcony or a rooftop garden.

rex begonia


If you are looking forward to adding a lush of green into your house, then this lively, fresh and gorgeous plant owns a space at your table. The plant easily survives in low light and stays hydrated even if not watered daily.  The plant shines and prefers natural and bright light. The plant grows at a moderate rate and requires pruning once in a while. ZZ plants are the first choice of every houseplant lover and are majorly kept in homes and offices worldwide. The wide, attractive dark green leaves enhance the appearance of this plant and make it lovable among all.

zz plant


The Australian native Staghorn fern is increasingly becoming famous and loveable among houseplants. Mounted on a wooden board, packed in a rounded spun, gives a vintage feel and are a beautiful piece of art. They are not the morning babies and requires a very moderate amount of light.  They need as less space as their size to flourish.

staghorn fern


The iconic split leaves of this plant give you the charm of keeping it in your bedroom. This extensive piece of art looks more stunning and beautifies the interior of the room. The plant is blessed with long life and stays with you for years. The large, glossy green leaves with deep splits and holes make it easily stand out from all other plants.

monstera plant

The plant loves to stay in indoor cool temperatures and likes indirect light. The plant grows faster and becomes more dramatic in a bright spot. Moreover, while cleaning the leaves, it is advisable to just wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry.


This is the one plant you cannot stop thanking for its enormous benefits. The juice of the leaves, which is called the aloe vera gel does wonder when applied on the skin and can also be used as a pain reliever when applied on scrapes and burns. The plant is stem-less or very short-stemmed with thick, greenish, fleshy leaves that pop out from plant’s central stem. The plant requires to be placed in bright light but the indirect light. The plan does not appreciate the direct light, as it dries out and the leaves turn yellow. The plant does not require daily watering and seems to be rooted and happy in a warm place.

aloevera plant

It is advisable to keep it near a kitchen or a bathroom for best results.

To sum it all up: These houseplants mentioned above will stay happy even if you’re not able to give your time to them. Of course, showering your love and admiring their benefits is your obligation towards them, but no babying is required with anyone of them.

Now it’s your turn to choose the supreme among these houseplant winners.

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Happy (indoor) gardening!

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