All of 21, Kartika Is Making It Fun For Women To Learn English In Her Invite-Only Community On SHEROES

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learn english invite only community learn english invite only community

"During my teenage days I have worked as a Lady Guide for fun in Jodhpur, my home city," recalls a very chirpy 21-year-old Kartika Jalani.

"The experience was amazing, I personally feel people are like Open Gates and you can travel to places and eras by just a flowy conversation with different people. Overall it was a really good experience but I want to quote a particular experience when I was a bit late because of some confusion and I informed my guest who himself was an Indian but he was living in Germany from a decade. When I finally reached there he told me, he was talking to his friends in the meanwhile and informed him that the guide, she (I) was coming. And in response, his friend asked: “Is she a she?” And my guest said “Yes” in response he added, “Okay, great India is moving in the right direction”.

"Mahima, it was a changing moment in my life. I was so proud of my decision and was overwhelmed hearing it. Because being a part of empowered India in itself is a very proud feeling."

kartika the traveller

And Kartika says that this empowerment has come to her through her upbringing,

"My younger sister, brother and I are treated as equals in the family. We sisters have been raised to be go-getters And she thanks her businessman father and homemaker mother, who treated their children as equals and not based on their gender. She also credits the environs of Jodhpur for the same.

kartika and family

Meanwhile, this commerce graduate is further studying to be a Chartered Account. But you will be surprised to know that rather than keeping "All the gyaan to herself" Kartika says that she is busy sharing it with every possible person. One such proof is #taxpesawal campaign that she ran at the SHEROES platform in the Money Matters Community.

Kartika details, "Firstly my professional background and training equipped me with the answers required during the campaign. Secondly, I supported the SHEROES in the Money Matters Community.  because it was lovely watching so many different women talking about taxes, money and finance stuff, which is usually referred to as a man’s task. The involvement of so many beautiful ladies in the campaign definitely showed the face of new India with women taking charge. This gives hope for the future and strength in time."

She adds,"You know Mahima, I came to know about SHEROES through social media. I found it a really interesting concept as providing women with a separate place where they could post without filters, that’s the reason for me to join it. It was overwhelming, everyone starting from the community managers, AskSHEROES HELPLINE to every person who even passes through the post is so generous and truthful as well as welcoming with their whole heart, I feel like this is a private place for women where they can laugh, cry, sometimes be naughty, be empowered, give a hand to one another and most importantly be themselves without being conscious about anything."

thank you sheroes

And once she was totally into it, she thought it was time to give back the love she had garnered over the months. And thus, she went a step ahead beyond the #taxpesawal campaign.

"The campaign was momentary. I had to do something beyond it for all the women out there, especially the ones in desperate need to grow through skills they needed, but under restrictions of being at home. Thus, I started an Advanced English Invite-Only Community to teach women Advanced English, since English has been my favourite subject all my life. It was really well received by my fellow SHEROES. A 212 strong membership with active and daily participation is ample proof to it." You can click the here to get an invite to join this community 

kartika post on sheroes

My next question to her, obviously had to be, how does she go about engaging women in this Specific Invite-Only Community?

"English is an amazing language which is so easy and can be so convenient due to its global usage. It requires creativity to ace any language and we know we have amazingly talented as well as creative ladies at SHEROES. Thus, I post regularly new trending vocabulary which everyone can use and level up their language game. We also try and encourage to use them in their sentences and post them in the comments down below. I also post some regular stuff in English eg, names of foods or the Roman numbers etc. In future, I am planning to go ahead into complex English stuff also through rules and formations by posting proper videos about phonetics, plain English, etc. I also try to get women to form a habit of speaking English in their daily lives and practice writing through contests like the one we did which was called ladies to introduce themselves in the most creative language," details a young Kartika with confidence.

kartika posing in aspiring writers

Doing so much for others, in a limited time. So, young lady, what are your personal dreams and aspirations? She laughs and says," Kartika is an overly enthusiastic person, who wants to win people’s hearts at the global level. Who is highly curious and creative. Sometimes a poet, sometimes a sport but always a girl-next-door who might not be there till your next visit! I aspire to be an entrepreneur and an excellent spokesperson in the field of business. I also want to author a book soon."

kartika posing

And she wraps up with a short yet strong message:

"Energy transmits and vibe travels so don’t ever forget to put up a smile with your eyes wide open with confidence and humility."

So that was 21-year-old Kartika Jalani in a power-packed exclusive chat with me in our ongoing #MeetTheSheroes Series. Do share her story, you will end up inspiring so many youngsters who might be clueless about what to do in life! You can follow Kartika on SHEROES.

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