Krithika, A Mother Who Moonlights As Software Developer

Last updated 13 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

Meet Krithika S., Electrical engineer, former techie, mother of two and now a proud IMAD student! :)

“ Can you learn web development from home with two pre-schoolers in tow and actually build your own profile/blog app from scratch? With IMAD, apparently you can.” 

“I am an Electrical Engineering graduate turned mainframe techie in the IT services industry. Kids happened after a while and I took a break from my career. While constantly missing the work life and the avenues it provided me for expressing myself, I realised I needed to update myself as I wanted to get into the emerging field of web/mobile development. As a first step, I learnt Java and acquired OCJP 6 certification a while ago.”

“What a stroke of luck that I didn’t miss to read The Hindu newspaper on that fateful day!?—?IMAD a course on web app development was being organised?—?open to All, no prerequisites, no age limit, lectures that could be watched at your own convenience. Is there anything else you could ask for in a course?? My learning phase continued. And how?”

“I was able to watch the lectures, try out the practicals and complete assignments and the final exam when the kids were at school (which is a measly 3 hours a day) or napping. The content and presentation were so cool that I caught myself smiling throughout the lectures. I hope I don’t sound exaggerating when I say that the course took an almost revolutionary approach to teaching a new technology. I especially loved the way pointers were provided to learning the new technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and not giving everything on a platter. I was nudged towards learning on my own beyond the basics and that worked superbly for me. I have successfully built a personal profile/blog app and that speaks for the success of the course by itself.”

“The discussion forum was a blessing which made me feel connected to the rest of the IMAD students and staying updated throughout. My most loved lecture is the closing lecture, with the statistics on participation based on age group, accessing lectures through mobile/terminal. The interest expressed to get women to have at least equal (and not just equal) representation in the next version of the IMAD course was really touching!”

“Thank you and kudos to the whole team :)”

Krithika S.

Krithika wrote this heart-warming tribute to IMAD. IMAD makes app development accessible, easy & free for anyone willing to learn!

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