The Name Is Bond, JANE Bond

Last updated 26 Sep 2016 . 3 min read

James vs. Jane Bond

Twitter was buzzing with the news of popular star and lead actress of The X-Files, Gillian Anderson, wanting to play the role of Bond. Her name’s Bond, Jane Bond. The idea got many supporters; even our desi girl Priyanka Chopra has shown an interest in playing the world’s most enigmatic spy.

James Bond is an institution! No spy ever had the wit, charm or appeal as 007. Are we ready for a sex-powered, confident, fearless woman spy? Maybe we weren't earlier, but in 2016, it looks like we are. It’s time a woman took over the mantle.

The spy from Britain has been on screen since 1962, and like all things time-worn, is now evolving! M did go from woman to man (eventually), so maybe now, it’s time for 007 to change gender!

All James Bond movies have similar plots: It begins with a chase sequence, where Bond engages in multiple death-defying stunts and survives, to avenge the random villain who’s determined to destroy the world. Amongst this standard-but-over-complicated plot are the Bond girls, eye-popping gadgets, luxurious cars ready to be destroyed, and one suave, well-dressed, martini drinking, womanising, law-breaking spy.

This is essentially a man’s fantasy; will Jane be able to fit into these expensive soft leather shoes?

Let’s draw some parallels and see if Jane Bond is as adequate as James.

James Bond is alluring

That’s not a difficult one for Jane. Raw sexuality is something all Bond girls effortlessly have; be it Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale or Madeleine Swann in Spectre or any of the others. Our lady should not find it difficult to ooze the same.

James loves women

Maybe Jane will too. Since we’re moving away from the conventional, we could go the whole nine yards. Else, we could consider the female audiences and introduce some Bond boys for viewing pleasure. 

James does not adhere to norms, follow rules or listen to advice

He couldn’t be more like Jane here. Ask any man you know, they will all agree with this similarity.

Mr Bond loves his Martini

Ms Bond should not have any problems with this tipper, gin being a ladies drink and all.

Aston Martin or Omega

Jane would be more careful with them. I don’t see a woman being irresponsible with such lavish luxuries.

James Bond and his weapons

Jane doesn’t need any of them, she has her talons. Can you visualise a sexy spy with neatly cut short nails? Not appealing, right.?Now imagine a sleek, sexy woman, weapon in hand, and a killer look in her eyes. The men will be queuing to watch.

There isn’t much that Mr Bond has which a woman couldn’t fit into. Maybe the female 007 will show vulnerability and more emotions. Instead of making rash decisions, this spy will think things through and not jump into danger blindly! (haha)

James Bond is a tradition we have all grown up with. Imagining a woman essaying the role will be different--there may be doubts as to how appealing or authentic it will be from the original character, but characters evolve with time and audience. The time for Ms Bond is now!

Here’s to the next 50 years of Jane Bond, shaken and stirred!

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Jumana Rajkotwala
With more than 15 successful years in the IT industry behind me, I now work in the mental health field. I’m an avid reader, a counsellor by profession, mother by choice and writer by passion. I enjoy understanding the complex workings of the mind, why we do or say what we do. What makes us the people we are and how imperfectly perfect our thoughts are. This reflects many times in my writings.

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