A Career In Tourism Can Take You Places

Published on 20 Dec 2017 . 5 min read

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For all you smart young women out there who are wondering what jobs you should go for, to really make your mark on the world, we’re offering an out of the way suggestion - why not go for travel and tourism as a career choice?

Here are 10 reasons why it is an excellent option for the ambitious young women out there. Work in hospitality and #BeTheBoss!

1. It Is A Major Growth Industry

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industry. The global economic contribution of travel and hospitality is over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars as of 2016. Now, it’s true that countries like France or the United States are consistently popular tourist destinations, but India in 2016 saw US$ 71.53 billion contributions to the GDP from the tourism business and future prospects are only looking up.

Expect bigger and better opportunities in the coming years.

2. The Job Situation is Great

Following directly from point no.1 ladies, getting a good job in tourism is a matter of being smart and savvy. Unlike many other industries, travel is just getting bigger and opportunities for people who are willing to work hard and are clearly smart, are abundant.

Take the opportunity to do hotel management courses or hospitality courses and the chances are you’ll land a job you love. Graduates with experience are in demand in the industry and unlike many other courses, the saturation point for employment is not in the near-future.

3. Variety in Career Choices

No matter what sort of thing you enjoy doing, the industry is so varied that you will probably get to do the work you love, letting you love your work.

Do you like event planning? Do you love chatting with people and finding out bargains? Or maybe you hate all that and prefer to work with algorithms that will find you what the best destinations are on a limited budget.

Whatever you want, you can probably find yourself doing it in this career. Not all careers, unfortunately, give the same sort of opportunities.

4. Additional Skills Will Boost You Up

Do you know another language? Are you good at bargaining? Or maybe you’re just really great at knowing what sort of itinerary will suit different holidayers. You will get to use a lot of skills you might not have considered.

Enthusiasm will take you far ahead, even more than your formal education. Here is an industry where truly your skills matter more than your grades. For many smart women who don’t like exams, this can be a chance to show off!

5. Transferable Skills

The skills you learn in the industry will transfer over, if you find that you don’t love it the way you hoped.  

There are many career paths, from the down and dirty travelling experience to management, from where you pick up many skills without even realising it. Later, if you feel like moving into a different industry, you will find it relatively easier.

6. Be In An Industry that Values Innovation

Unlike many other industries, travel and tourism value creativity. More than how you do it, they care about making sure that the job gets done. If you find yourself figuring out easier, simpler ways to get things done, then you can be sure that you’ll be on the path up.

For many women, this is a great chance to bypass the very real (and low) glass ceiling in other industries and be respected for the smart, efficient women they are.

7. The Opportunity to Travel

Are you the type of woman who has been working part-time jobs in order to fund your travel-craze? Instead, why don’t you work a little bit harder and get certified in hospitality and tourism courses and get paid to travel?

Most big travel agencies require people who will travel to various locations and find out the details of places to stay and visit. This isn’t a big-budget job and often your job might actually be to find out bargain locations, but if you love travelling, then it’s the right job for you.

8. Know the World

You will get the chance to know about places you couldn’t have imagined before taking these jobs. You will learn the ins and outs of handling people, hotels and all aspects of travel and tourism. These will serve you well, wherever you go.

9. Formal Education Will Teach You A Lot

While formal education is not the most important thing in your career, if you decide to be a part of the hospitality industry, you can still gain a lot from your education. Unlike many courses, hospitality courses in Delhi or in other major cities tend to be practical and oriented towards teaching useful skills.

Check out well-rated hotel management courses or even diplomas or degrees like hospitality and tourism courses online or hospitality courses online, that will give you a good grasp of the basics of the industry and let you learn practical skills, which will then get you a good job.

10. Be Your Own Boss

Tourism business opportunities are such, that it is an excellent way to be your own boss. Setting up your own firm at thirty is not an impossible dream. Once you have the skill, the clients and contacts who trust you, the sky's the limit for your dreams.

All of the ladies, who dream of doing something big and going places, consider the hotel management or travel and tourism industry as your outlet to new horizons.

Are you a woman in the hospitality sector? Tell us about your experience!


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