Is Your Focus Right When Getting Back To Work?

Published on 4 Jan 2018 . 5 min read

I am asked this question very often, “I have been on a career break for the last x years – what can I do to restart?” After interviewing hundreds of successful restarters, I figured that they all tend to use a similar process and methods, in order to make a successful re-entry in the workforce.


Let’s understand the methodology that you can use to make a successful career comeback.


What do you want?

If you continue to focus on the problem and not the solution, high chances are that you will be stuck with the issue. Instead, start talking and visualising your comeback. Shift your focus to the ‘restart’, not the gap.


If you have decided that you need to make a career comeback - narrow it down further. Figure out, if you want to go back to the same career or want to explore other options. If you want to look at other options, what are those? If your priorities have changed and you no longer wish to work full time, find out what kind of flexibility do you need.


The more specific your ‘what’ is, the higher will be your focus e.g I want to be a Digital Marketer for an Education startup based out of Gurgaon that gives me the flexibility of working from home in second half. Good?


Why do you want it?

So, now you know exactly what you want to do. But it’s absolutely imperative to know your ‘WHY’. The ‘why’ will always keep you on track and help you stay focused.


Are you doing this for financial freedom, or to feel accomplished, or maybe you have a few extra hours and want to make a few bucks, or is it that you are bored and want to try something different for a change? The ‘why’ will change everything for you.


Your purpose (the why) gives you the leverage you need to keep going, especially when you reach a roadblock. Without the leverage of why, it’s easy to get excited about a job, but quickly fall flat because you no longer know why you wanted that job in the first place (i.e., you’ll lose interest). You might have that initial ambition, but you must also find enough leverage to have you persist.


How will you achieve it?

Once you know your 'what' and 'why', you must form a strategy and take action. So, what’s your strategy? I have highlighted some tips and tricks that have worked for many women making a career comeback. I have used these myself and am sure you can benefit from these too -


Step 1 - Victim Mode To The #TakeCharge Mode
If you are constantly thinking of these aspects to restart your career - recruiters don’t shortlist your resume; companies don’t hire returnees; your skills are outdated etc. - you need to shift gears now!


Ask yourselves the right questions, if you want the right answers –

1.    What can I do today to ensure that my resume gets shortlisted?

2.    What can I do to prepare for the interview?

3.    What can I do to update my skills to the current and relevant?


Step 2 - Create Your Daily Action Plan
At first, it is important to take massive action, to give you the initial push. Then you must be willing to take consistent actions, every day, until you are able to make a comeback. There’s no avoiding this step - we all must take action. It might mean:


    Attending one networking event every week

    Spending 1 hour on Linkedin every day, reading about the latest trends in your industry or connecting with your ex-colleagues and prospective employers.

    Refreshing your resume as per latest trends

    Taking up a course/internship to upskill yourself

If you’ve been at home for a while, you will need to take action towards your resume, job search techniques, interview skills, confidence building, reskilling, networking and the likes. Even your wardrobe might need a makeover.


Remember, success does not happen overnight. You have to put in dedicated and continuous effort towards the outcome you desire. Let’s be pragmatic, you can’t just get the job by applying for 50 jobs a day. Your job search after a break will need a strategy. Make one that works for you!


Step 3 – Is The Strategy Working?
So, you have a strategy in place and you are following it by the book. But it doesn’t seem to work! These are hurdles but you know your ‘why’, which will give you the leverage to be willing to change your strategy. As long as you have a strong enough purpose, you’ll be willing to change your approach until you make it work. Remember, keep changing until you find the perfect balance of things that work for you.


Returning to the workforce is certainly possible. Many women do that every year. However, it is absolutely important for you to know your What, Why and How?


If you are ready to make a comeback, reach out to us. Speak to our mentors, explore reskilling options, apply for jobs. Let SHEROES be your #GrowthNetwork.


Sheetal Arora
Sheetal is the founder of Women Restart that was acquired by SHEROES in 2017. Currently, as the Director of Research & Resources, she spreads SHEROES love by mentoring and coaching women to #TakeCharge and get #MoreFromLife. Mother of two and a foodie, she can be found travelling when she is not working.

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