If the movie industry had rules for its “working professionals”

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There were recently some news articles surrounding Katrina Kaif’s exorbitant expense on her hair colour for Fitoor. While the actor did rubbish these reports, it still got me thinking, do “working professionals” in the movie business have any rules to follow like working professionals do in the commercial world?

So then I wondered,

what it would be like if:

-There were rules set down for salary hikes in the film industry, like we have in the commercial sector. When we change jobs, what can we expect on an average – a 20-30% hike in pay?

But when you’re an actor, who decides?! It’s your physical value and in some cases talent that sells for different sums of money basis the role, director, your popularity etc.

what it would be like if:

-Bollywood had salary slabs (like we do in the corporate world!). First-year actors (in our case "industry freshers") get a base salary of xxx amount and so on and so forth…

what it would be like if:

-Actors got promotions based on merit (basis how they actually acted in a previous film rather than whose son or daughter they are).

what it would be like if:

-There were actual appraisals reserved for our beauty queens and handsome kings. (imagine Salman Khan writing an appraisal for Katrina Kaif, “yes your hair looked good in Fitoor so that’s a perfect 10!”…)

what it would be like if:

-Actors had “work timings” – I can well imagine Priyanka Chopra telling the paparazzi “no, no, you can’t take my picture after 6 pm!”...

what it would be like if:

-Actors had to apply for holidays and got only weekly offs (like we do). That would make for an interesting set-up.

Lastly, I wondered what it would be like if:

-Actors and actresses got limits for travel reimbursements. I don’t ever remember being told by any of my former employers to spend as much money as I wanted when I was sent on work trips. 

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