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Last updated 19 Nov 2016 . 3 min read

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When I introduce myself to people, I probably start with my name and then go about my professional credentials. Why?

Because subconsciously, I identify with the life I have created for myself. My identity is not tied to any particular factor, and that doesn’t mean I lack focus. It’s just a bit more encompassing. Women now are coming forward, and spearheading the change by acknowledging their identities which has outgrown societal prescriptions.

A line of conversation on SHEROES’
career connect pointed out the transition, a female identity has gone through, which led to an interesting exchange of views.

Why the need to have your identity?

Nowadays I feel we’re in the space where we can reclaim our identities, that is not tied to our boyfriends, husbands, children or anything related with our families’ achievements. Building a self-esteem for myself and by myself has helped in creating a strong ground in my life. 

Zero in on your identity on your own terms

Carving my identity on my terms, and not according to other people’s prescriptions, has helped me in realising the moot of the issue. We tend to prescribe stereotypical roles to women and then in turn downgrade them for the same. I take pride in being recognised for my work, as equally for being recognised as my dad’s daughter. The need to conform to a particular set of do’s and don'ts stems from our insecurity to embrace ourselves in our totality.

Financial freedom equips you with self-reliance

This aspect forms one of the most essential part of establishing an identity. Understanding the importance of financial freedom and what money means, in terms of identity, helped me in sorting my economy. Think of a hypothetical scenario where you’re financially stunted or dependent on others. That paints a pretty scary picture for me, as it affects my ability to take decisions pertaining to finances, independently.

Connect in order to create

We have noticed at the SHEROES platform, conversations within the community often results in sharing of experiences. You never know, sharing might lead to exploring new capabilities which you never thought were part of your personality. Exploring through sharing often strikes gold. How many times have you discussed your day-to-day problems with your peers, and found solution while in the middle of the discussion? It’s fruitful to connect and share in order to understand the workings of your own personality.

A lot has to be achieved before we consider ourselves gender equal in our work space. But, the wheels are turning and there’s a steady shift in our attitudes. Let the women be, is my mantra!


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