How To Visualize Your Success

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“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose- Bo Bennett”

What is common among: Oprah Winfrey (American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist), Katy Perry (famous American singer and songwriter), and Sara Blakely (self-made billionaire, Spanx)? They all saw their goals accomplished years before they entered their respective industries.



The key: VISUALIZATION! All top-notch performers irrespective of their fields believe in the power of visualizing success. While the concept is not au courant, visualization is often perceived as cynical and frivolous exercise. However, over generations, picturing success has been a common practice for athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs to reach their goals.


When one focuses on one’s true goals, you attract things you really want to achieve. When one knows what one is looking for, the brain is programmed to be more receptive to the possible favourable situations that are aligned with your real goal. Visualization technique is quite effective when mobilized correctly.


Benefits Of Visualising Goals And Desires


It triggers your creative subconscious mind which will start developing creative ideas needed to achieve dreams.

It directs your brain to perceive and identify the resources needed to achieve your goals.

It actuates the law of attraction, thereby pulling into your life the right people, right resources, and right situations you will need to reach your goals.

It develops your internal motivation to take the requisite actions to achieve your dreams.

It’s going to feel a little queer in the beginning, but you get better as you practice. There are various ways to start with success visualization

Draft and write down your goals



Feeling browbeaten with the idea of picturing success, grab a pen and a notepad to figure out what you want in life. Another effective technique for visualization is to create a success photograph of yourself with your goal, as being accomplished.

For instance, if one of your goals is to own an Audi A5, go to your local auto dealer and take a selfie sitting behind the wheel of your dream car. This helps in setting a constant reminder to accomplish your goals and routine involvement, other things falling in sync inevitably. Create a vision board or visual representation for every goal you have-career, health, family, new skills, material desires etc.

Chalk-Talk yourself

Talking to one or having an internal pep-talk helps in analysing past events, take appropriate decisions, release bottled-up stress, practise important conversations, speeches, presentations, and image the desired promising future.




Forms of private speech can include some real plans for an acceptance speech at the best employee award or rehearsing a conversation for that chief editor job interview, or working out with questions for a media byte for your unique start-up. Self-talk lets you get in the flow, and you prep up, feel motivated and helps you to see yourself through a logistical lens the aspect of future success. It is equally imperative to not engage in negative self-talk.

Personalize your movie

Imagining future success is undoubtedly not a cake-walk, it takes effort and some run through. It is crucial to remember that this is your success movie; don’t goof up with Cameron Diaz in the lead. Imagine yourself in front of the camera; look at things from your own personal perspective.

By envisioning the things from your happy successful lens, you can antedate the course of action to be taken to get to the desired stage. A research study suggests ‘the juicy details maketh GUCCI...I mean propitious’. While picturing receipt of that start-up award, what colour dress are you wearing? Who has come to cheer you? What is your state of mind, how excited are you?  These details make moments of glory worth savours-even if it’s a belfry production, by buffing up these juicy details, the impact of the richness of the whole picture deepens.




Look & Plan before you Leap



Certainly, preparing for your acceptance speech for the employee award works effectively for the visualization, but it isn’t the only thing that will get you there, no matter how precise you get with the design details of the Michael Kors blazer. It is vital to plan for the short-term in order to achieve the long term goals. Every goal should have a feasible outcome. With the visualization process, it is also critical to take actual small steps towards the big goal.

Affirmations lead to Visualization

An affirmation is a declaration of the truth that induces not only a picture, but the feel of already having what you desire. For instance:

I am merrily holidaying 2 months out of the year in a beautiful island, and working five days a week and running my own business successfully.

Reiterating affirmations multiple times a day helps in maintaining dedication towards your goal, reinforces your motivation, and calibrate your subconscious by directing an instruction to your squad to necessary actions to accomplish the goal.

Change your beliefs and opinions about the most important person in your life, that’s YOU; with visualization and affirmations. The process allows you to utilize the 18 billion cells in your brain and get them working in an aligned and purposeful direction.


Surabhi Paliwal
Hi! I am an entrepreneur (by brain) and a blogger (by heart). I am also pursuing Ph.D in strategy. I love reading, travelling, pilates, socializing and food. I am a chatter box and also a 'neat-freak' and like things organised. I like to learn about positive psychology, business trends and concepts, and technology.

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