Top 3 best Ideas for Online Clothes Reseller Business in India 2020

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Did you know that India is the world’s one of the largest global destination for reseller space? The Indian e-commerce (especially retail segment) industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries. By the year 2020, it is likely to grow up to 3.7 billion US dollars, making it the world's 5th country to become the highest consumer in this space.

What makes the reseller industry in India more interesting is how it caters to consumer's specific taste. Indian resellers like Meesho, Shop 101, Glowroad and many more design their shopping experience to match how customers want to buy. To put it simply, personalization is part of India's reselling DNA. 

What makes personalization so important is India's population. India has a large population of more than 1.4 billion people. Each region has their own choice and taste on different products. This is quite obvious for a country with diverse cultures and a large number. That is why personalization plays a very important role in reselling for the country. Reselling works very well in India because people can find products based on their needs without engaging in traditional buy and sell retail process. 

Top 3 Reselling Apps in India 

There are a lot of resellers that can help you maximise your business growth and make the most of your time.

  1. Meesho

Meesho is India’s largest reseller app across cities and has thousands of followers, it is a social commerce reseller marketplace for two different kinds of people to make money. A manufacturer or a supplier can use Meesho for selling their products to consumers. A reseller can use these platforms to resell supplier products. At the end of the day, manufacturers and resellers both can earn money from the profit.

A large number of people are joining the app every day, which makes it the best way to earn money from home in India today. With the constant connection to the internet, one can expect to do a lot of interesting activities using mobile apps like Meesho.

  1. Shop 101

Shop101 is one of the most popular apps in India. Shop101 is another reseller platform that helps you to earn money from home. It has a similar working model like Meesho, it acts as a mediator between manufacturers and suppliers to reach dealers products to buyers via their resellers. This platform has around 28+ lakhs sellers online, making it a close competitor to Meesho and is believed to be India’s No.1 online selling platform to earn money from home.

  1. Glowroad

Glowroad is again a mobile application that works on the C2C model (customer 2 customer basis) and acts as an intermediary between the manufacturers and resellers. Glowroad aimed to help women work from home and earn some extra money to support their families. You can join the platform for the following reasons-  1. Earning money from home/Part-time income 2. Making money online? 3. Become an entrepreneur and start your own business.

Being so easy to learn and resell, these platforms offer anyone across cities to be able to earn work from home, get profits and productivity flowing. One can become an entrepreneur and start their own business through these apps and make sure they earn well. Having tie-ups with reliable vendors and suppliers that provide quality of the products that are unmatched, these apps are definitely the best earn money apps in India today 

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