How To Give Your Best & Get The Most When Working From Home

Last updated 11 Aug 2017 . 5 min read

No need to travel.

No need to pack your lunchbox.

No dress code (Yay!)

No unnecessary expenses. (Double Yayy!)

No bosses and managers around.

No distractions.

These are some perks when you opt  to work-from-home. More than anything else it is the freedom of working without any external force judging you. It increases your productivity, but at the same time the spotlight is on you to deliver.

One of our members pointed out the benefits of work-from-home as opposed to the traditional 9-to-5 job. She expressed her apprehensions initially, then moved on to accept the only option (of work-from-home) she was left with and, eventually discovering the different side to working in a different set-up.

She was impressed by the flexibility and ease of workability available whilst working-from home.

Now all is well, until the word dedication pops up. How to stay dedicated and focussed when one’s working-from-home. All the points listed in the beginning of the post, are basically pushers which sets our routine and drives us to deliver on time.

So here you go, a comprehensive list of checks to apply to keep indiscipline at bay while working-from-home:-

Get On The Habit Of Following A Schedule

Organising and time management starts with following a schedule. Start your day with a vision to make the most of it. Don’t wait for things to happen on its own, it won’t. You will simply waste your time. Rather chalk out a to-do list on a daily basis and finish your tasks assigned for the day.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

This is for people who have just switched from the conventional work module to home, and don’t want to underperform. Many a times it happens, switching from conventional work mode to remote/work-from-home module renders the feeling of inadequacy. And, to overcome that feeling, you tend to take up more work than you would normally do. Never set unrealistic work goals.

Take Out Your ‘Me-Time’

Relax and get some shut eye. Probably unwind by playing a game of chess, snookers or read a book or simply lie down. Take out time to relax yourself. If a short nap works for you, then so be it. That is the beauty of working-from-home, you can customize your day accordingly.

Clearly Demarcate Your Responsibilities

It’s important to prioritise your tasks. Slot timings for each work and don’t let it overlap. After making your to-do list, take up one work at a time, rather multitasking and making it one huge pile of mess. Monotask, instead.

Free Flow Of Communication

Since work-from-home doesn’t provide the opportunity of physical contact with your fellow professionals, keep all communication channels open. Stay in touch with your colleagues and keep yourself updated. Phone, email, messaging, do whatever it takes to keep yourself abreast with the happenings in your office.

Dedicated Workspace/Home Office

The feeling of lying around in your bed and answering your mails or finishing a project, seems tempting. But, not having a dedicated workspace hampers your productivity.

I have come to realise, that even when I am reading a book in my free time, casually lying down on a bed, always ends up in long hours of slumber. Therefore, serious work needs a dedicated workspace, that will leave you charged to take your work to its conclusion.

Optimise Your Work Life And Life

The biggest advantage of work-from-home is the quality time you get to spend with your loved ones. Take out time for your family, friends or pursue a recreational activity. Don’t bury your head in work and isolate yourself from your surroundings. That’s the worst you could do to yourself and stunt your growth, in the long run.

Finally, Get A #TakeCharge Attitude

Your attitude towards your work will go a long way. Whether you’re working from home or remote or in a conventional set-up, taking stock of the situation and customizing your personality around it helps a lot.

#TakeCharge is not just a hyperbole, it’s the essence of your character. Nothing should stop you from aspiring, achieving and celebrating your work and life.

Hope this is helpful. We would love to know your Work-From-Home mantras and how do you get #MoreFromLife. Share it in the comments below and let’s have some fun while working from home.


Lola Jutta
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