Story of My House Help Who Dreamed Big For Her Children

Published on 4 Jul 2019 . 1 min read

househelps dream for her children househelps dream for her children

Dream is the biggest gift which God has given us. It is something that each one of us wants to fulfil. These are those innovators who give way to their inner rebel and do things differently from everyone else. 

They are pioneers, who think out of the box. They chase their dreams incessantly to show how far their imaginations can go. One of my helpers, Shanti used to work in people's houses as a cleaner, had a fair idea as what would be her children's life. Not only she but nearly all the generations of her family did laborious jobs. 

She did not desire such a life for her children. She provided them with education but also taught them to follow their hearts and increase their thinking standards. She walked through the streets to run her family. No season stopped her to reach at work as she did not want to waste a single day. She was punctual, sincere, kind and quiet by nature.

Shanti was clever, she also learnt to stitch, after going home she used to do this work too to earn more money for children's education. She opened an account in a co-operative bank and started putting money in it. Her children also studied well and passed out with good marks. 

As they grew up they too started doing part-time jobs. By now, Shanti continued stitching lovely dresses and blouses and also started taking classes. The family's income, the standard of living, thinking and mentality broadened.

Later they went to government colleges. After educating in this college her daughter Aisha became a Doctor and her son Rajeev became Civil Engineer. Aisha has to now start practising in her clinic and Rajeev has started his own business in construction line. Today Shanti is one of the happiest women. Her dream, her achievements and her efforts have created history in her family and society. 

See a dream, chase it, eat it, sleep it after all we have only one life to live.

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Bharati Rojekar
I am a housewife. I love reading writing and knitting. I am a mother of two kids.

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