13 High Calorie Foods To Have A Healthy Weight Gain

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high calorie foods for underweight people high calorie foods for underweight people

You step on the weighing scale and find the needle teasing you for being an underweight.…and it's not just the needle but your friends, your family, almost everyone is a partner in crime. Urghhh!!

This situation reminds me of those after/before ads aired on TV at odd hours.  Oh, their tall claims of sending you magic potions for a speedy weight gain! And the heartbreak when it fails to make an impact….Apologies for touching a nerve.

Hey!Hey! Hey! Keep calm, it’s time you take a fresh approach to this weighty issue.

Being Patient Pays Off

But just like losing weight, putting on weight also requires a lot of patience and a shift in your eating practices.

Exercising regularly along with high-calorie food intake can be the real catalyst of your weight gain journey.

Strength Training  For A Stronger You

3 to 4 days of strength training a week can better your chances to be on the healthier side. One has to build muscle to become fit and that’s when strength training comes into the picture. It builds muscles and makes you stronger. A doable workout regime that includes planks, push-ups and squats is the right thing to do. Beginners should try to do it under the supervision of an instructor.

High-Calorie Food To Keep You Full And Going

High-calorie food means energy-dense food. Such foods give more calories to the body than its requirement so that the remaining energy calories are utilized for muscle development. There is a burst of a high level of energy when it is consumed, but let us not mistake them for colas, fries and burgers.

So to take a step in the right direction there is a need to be well informed about foods that fit the bill.

A basketful  of calories, health and goodness

#1. Rice (Easily Found in Every Indian Household)

190 Cal / 1 cup

It's easy to cook quality and its high carb content makes rice a comfort food. One pot meals like chicken biryani, khichdi, Veg pulav and curd rice are the dishes which can scale up your calorie intake. The combo of rice with lentils and legumes is another good choice one can make. Our very own rajma chawal, kadhi chawal and sāmbhar chawal are the dishes to go for. People with low appetite must take rice as it helps you eat more.

#2. Mango (Who Doesn't Like Mangoes?)

107 Calories / 1 cup

Mango can be very promising in banishing your weight gain woes.  It's loaded with vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and fruit sugar. Snacking on sliced mangoes, sipping some cool mango lassi, smoothies or sorbets can be the tastiest ways to gain some pounds. Its calories are enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous and antioxidant properties.

#3. Potato (Mutual Friend Of Every Vegetable)

77 Calories/ 100 gm

Potatoes are brown and bountiful.  Potatoes are excellent for people who are into sports and kids who are super active. They are also rich in vitamin C which makes it prevent skin damage by sun and smoothens wrinkles. I told you it’s bountiful! Start your day with a scrumptious aloo paratha or have aloo chokha with littis topped with some desi ghee for lunch.

#4. Milk (Full Cream Ofcourse!)

Doodh.. Doodh..Doodh…..,

Doodh hai wonderful pi sakte hain roz glassful…

Doodh hai mast in every season, Piyo doodh for healthy reason…

Do you remember this Amul song from the 90’s? (watch it on youtube)

It says it all about why milk occupies the top slot among the muscle building foods since ages. It's not just rich in calcium but also has a balance of proteins, carbs and fats. Plain milk can be boring so perk it up by blending it with your favourite fruits to make delicious shakes. You can prepare a  powdered mixture of sunflower, watermelon and cucumber seeds and add a teaspoon or two to your daily dose of milk for that extra punch of nutrition.

#5. Eggs (Are You An Eggitarian?)

143 Calories / 100 gms

71 calorie / egg

Protein-rich and high in calorie, eggs are highly recommended for gaining weight. Consuming eggs can do wonders to your body as the protein in the egg albumin builds lean muscle mass. It contains almost all the essential vitamins (B, C, A, D, E) which play an active role in balancing hormones and increasing the bone density. 4-5 eggs a week will suffice your need unless you want to be beefy. Bodybuilders eat around six eggs daily.

#6. Cheese 

114 Calories / slice

Cheese can pump up your energy levels because of its high caloric nature. The calcium in it can potentially save you from osteoporosis. You may choose from a variety of cheese ranging from ricotta to feta to parmesan. But cottage cheese is considered the healthiest of all. Go for a cool cucumber and cheddar sandwich or gorge on the traditional matar paneer.

#7. Avocados (Some Exotic Fruits is Must Have)

322 Calories / Avacado

Haven’t had avocados earlier? Skeptic about how it tastes? Let me introduce this green globule to you. It is mild in flavour and has a  buttery texture. It is rich in micronutrients like vitamin C, folate and potassium and is one choc a bloc of calories. You can just scoop it out and have it like a snack or try making guacamole to savour it like a dip or a sandwich spread. Make a nutritious milkshake by throwing in banana and a big dollop of avocado.

#8. Clarified Butter (Ghee) (Mother's Would Be So Happy)

112 Calories / tablespoon

Being a saturated fat and high on calories it is often disregarded by weight watchers. The latest studies prove that ghee taken in moderation can be beneficial for both weight gain and weight loss programs. Ghee is fortified with vitamin A, D, E and its lower lactose content makes it suitable for people with lactic intolerance. It is also good for your eyesight. It's humongous calorie levels make it an ideal weight gain food. Rice with a little ghee( 2 teaspoons),  ghee for tadka, parathas or chapattis smeared with ghee could be ways to incorporate ghee in your diet.

#9. Chicken breasts

195 Calories / 100gm

For someone who is trying to increase the reading on the weighing scale chicken breasts can be of great help. It is a good source of lean protein. You will not only notch up your weight gain game but you will end up strengthening your muscles too. Make it your dinner staple by cooking it in varied ways. Roast, grill or make a curry version of it. Add chunks of it to your pasta or roll it up in your roti’s.

#10. Full-Fat Yoghurt

61 calories / 100gms

Having a good gut to steer digestion is another factor you need to look at while focusing on weight gain. What you eat has to be digested well and yoghurt makes that happen by improving the quality of your gut. It spikes up your immunity levels and strengthens your bones. Studies show that it also helps fight depression. Make it a point to take yoghurt every day in the form of lassi, smoothie or use it as a salad dressing.  

#11. Sweet Potato

90 Calories / 100gms

It is high in calories and starch content. It has multiple health benefits as it is extremely rich in fibres, vitamins, antioxidants, vitamin C and just like yoghurt keeps the gut healthy. It saves your eyesight from degenerating and protects your body from free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules which have the potential to damage DNA and trigger inflammation. Snack on shakarkand ki chaat or cook it with jaggery to prepare if you have a sweet tooth.

#12. Dark Chocolate (Perfect Cheat Meal!)

600 Calories / 100gm

A whopping 600 calories from a 100gm bar makes dark chocolate the Big Daddy of the high caloric food family. High-quality dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa is what the diet gurus recommend. Antioxidants along with magnesium, fibre and health-promoting compounds are what makes it a superfood.

#13. Cashews 

553 Calories / 100 gms

Cashews have earned the “Nut-orious” tag because of its high unsaturated fat content(almost 50%).  But it’s just a myth. The oleic acid present in it is extremely healthy as it is the same compound found in olive oil. Munching 20 to 30 grams cashews twice-thrice a week can help in speeding up the whole process of gaining weight.  Cashews are a rare source of the good and heart-friendly fat MUFA which is rarely found in the Indian diet.

There are mothers who want to see a chubbier version of their kids. There are college goers who are trying it hard to transform their bodies. They are women who are longing to be curvy. To all these people there is just one single path to tread.

A healthy lifestyle where you focus not only on eating, but eating right.

Your body needs nutrition and that comes with a balanced diet but when you are thinking about adding kilos to your lean body you have to go an extra mile. Think weight gain, think not just food but healthy high-calorie food.

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