Nidhi Sand
9 Mar 2015 . 3 min read

A moment of epiphany

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Caught in the web of life, we often don’t have ‘Eureka’ moments happening to us on a regular basis.

It might also be the case that we are overlooking small wondrous moments or decisions that change our lives forever. Decisions as small as how as a group we decide where to eat to as big as moving cities- all can bring out a side of us/others that we didn’t know earlier. Anything unexpected that occurs – a realization or a moment can give us insights into something that we never know before.

Very recently, I had my moment of epiphany. I thought I was someone who could deal with change easily and this unexpected change in my life proved me so wrong. My husband and I were wishing to relocate to a particular city when fate presented us with an opportunity that would take us to another city. The latter put some doubts on my job. Instead of expressing my happiness for my husband’s success, I was worried about what would happen to my career, my role and how would I cope with it all! This entire moment changed my life in a way I never expected, it made me see myself in a light I had never seen. I was being a person I didn’t quite like – resisting change and being somewhat selfish. Ultimately after a fortnight of pondering we decided to take up the offer and move to the new city.

Moments like these and others in our relationships and work give us epiphanies and chances to improve our life. When I got down to writing this piece, I was facing a writer’s block that is hard to explain. I thought I could write on anything under the sun, but this in itself was an epiphany of sorts ;-)

With the above two recent experiences and many more that have colored my life, I now realize that epiphanies are a lot about dealing with change. You might get to know something about yourself that you may like or not like. There is a scope to change that now. You might get to know something about those around you, which you have to begin to accept.  You might learn something about life that enables you to embrace life and handle emotions better.

But how does one realize that the change one is experiencing could be nothing but an epiphany waiting to be discovered, to be acted upon, to learn from and to evolve for the better? For that, keep your eyes and ears open in the chaos of life. While we sometimes wonder that life is running past, in hindsight we always recollect experiences that taught us something. Take those experiences as your unique epiphanies. Live through them, learn through them and laugh through them and that’s when you would have lived your life wholly. Remember when an epiphany knocks at your door, embrace it, move along with it and it might just lead you to greener pastures.

What have been some of your epiphanies? I’d love to know!

Nidhi Sand
Nidhi is a Learning &Development professional with a focus on social learning, social media & community management. She also has a keen interest in millennials and women at the workplace. She holds a degree in Human Resource Management from XLRI Jamshedpur and an undergraduate degree in Economics from LSR College, Delhi University. She is a self-confessed shopaholic & online shopping is her latest addiction. As a SHERO, she believes in never compromising on self as a priority. You can find her on Twitter @nidhisand.

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