OpportunityScape Called Life – Go out & grab the bull by its horns!

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 3 min read

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It’s almost November – end of another year. As we look at 2015, its time to sit back and reflect on the year that went by – was it phenomenal? Did you do anything that you will remember this year for? Were you a part of something extraordinary? Did you let life pass you by while you were busy nit picking on the small things? By this moment, you might be thinking, but there was nothing that I could have done to make it any different. Well, you are wrong. Going with the flow is good, but once in a while, go out and do something that’s totally out of your comfort zone. Go bungee jumping, or go on a trip alone, or if you are slightly more adventurous – Open up a company; we did!

Yes, this year will always be special to each one of us at Ittisa. Life presented us with an opportunity to be a part of this newly found venture. A little scary at first but we all have been courageous enough at our own strength to grab it & run with it. While writing this piece, we went ahead and interviewed a few of our employees as to what it is that they feel about working in an all woman startup and the top rated answer was ‘It feels like a family working together’. People define working at Ittisa as ‘Living’ – There is a culture of support, growth, fuelling each other’s passions, sharing emotions, helping each other through professional and personal struggle and we support each other’s life, it’s Beautiful!

We took this example to show you what it’s like to grab the opportunities in life and work towards it. From our experience we can lay out 5 important things to be remembered through this process

1. Go by Intuition backed with research- You have the best understanding about yourself, trust your intuition through the decision making process but don’t forget putting in the analysis & research.

2. Don’t second guess – Once you have taken the leap, don’t ruin it by second guessing yourself. Trust it & look forward to making it better.

3. Talk it out – It’s very important to take a look at the bigger picture, introspect & ask for advice if need be.

4. Give it your all – Nothing works out if you are not giving in your 100% & more.

5. Enjoy the process – Life happens when you are busy making plans so make sure to enjoy the process while you are at it.

So, be prepared, get ahead and work towards enjoying the big and small of this OpportunityScape called Life and make your dreams come true

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Ittisa, an all women digital media firm are the handpicked mélange of the best minds available in the industry. You could call them The Avengers of brand development. Each of us having a different strength…together we become unbeatable. Through design creatives, digital media, technological support and analytics, they take a complete approach to ensure the growth of the brand reaches its maximum.

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