Five Steps To Help With A Midlife Career Shift

Published on 28 Apr 2016 . 3 min read

  As Indira Nooyi rightly said that it is unfortunate for a woman’s biological and career clock are in complete contradiction to each other. Following the social norms, most women are “settled” with their family life between the age of thirty-forty. Women grow with time, interests change, and suitable work timings are a priority over money. Also there might be a need to fulfil unsatisfied creative urges and to keep one’s self updated with the current market trends. In the bargain it might not be possible to stick to the career goals that we had wished to achieve after schooling years. Educational qualifications and real life assessment might not go hand in hand, hence requiring a Midlife Career Shift.

A career change needs some serious self introspection. It is of vital importance to know your passion and what it takes to create a driving force in your new areas of interest. Here are five tips to help you out:

Acknowledge your strengths vs. weakness: This will help to draw a suitable working plan for yourself. For example: You might have great culinary skills, but are poor at creating a video episode and uploading it on social media. Knowing your weakness will help you hire/ learn in an appropriate manner, and add more value to your skills.

Diving in deep to get maximum knowledge: I am a qualified Architect, had accompolished alot in my field until my family duties came knocking. Now, I am a successful freelance writer. But this was possible only after three years of learning to write. For gaining the maximum knowledge I dug deep to find all the resources possible- free tools, reading books on how to become a successful writer, online lessons, local writing workshops, writing contests and annual writing festivals. So, gain as much knowledge about your subject. Become a master.

Get your spouse to support: A strong support system is inevitable for you to get anywhere. If there is opposition from your spouse/ support system you are not going to enjoy your new field. So it’s best to have an in-depth conversation about your new work profile before taking the plunge.

Networking with the right people: I read in a book that every sixth person is the person you would be interested in meeting for your career growth. Offline networking is just as beneficial for career growth as online.

Don’t work for money: Money shouldn’t be your priority, not initially at least. While you are still fresh and learning different areas of your field; it will take time before you reap benefits. Have patience and put your best foot forward and money will flow in. It’s just a matter of time.

Midlife career shift isn’t smooth for every woman. Some women feel financially secured in pursuing a stable job - the one they are hired for because they are qualified for it, and not because they enjoy their work. A well planned investment with a regular monthly interest helps support your struggling phase. This is an essential tool and is a backbone to support your necessities while you are busy giving your one hundred percent to your new career.

By Nidhi Paneri

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