Existential Duality-Clutch of Faith

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The first clutch that touches the soul. The five, feather touch, petal’s very tough grip; very tough to free the clutch too. Every mom has felt that. The first clutch definitely brings a smile from within  the indefinite depth of one’s soul .The tight clasp conveys the immense faith developed by every human- developed from the darkest days within the mom’s abode. Faith sensed and weaved by the infant even before seeing the mom’s face. This clasp will catch every moms eye, even if seen in a hurry to reach work at a traffic signal. This clasp starts the process for the mom. To learn, equip and become a repository of all the needs that the small fingers have initiated. That magnitude of faith builds the repository that never failed till end. A repository of unconditional love, courage, will comfort and many more that are felt rather sensed wherever we are. The database that we fall back on and always depend on.

In Information Technology, a world sans emotions, a database is the most depended object of faith.

From getting this page I write, to the audience to read it, it’s the database we fall back on again and again through the day whenever anything called ‘Smart’ is used. Every transaction of swipe that gets a message on your phone, it is from the database. Yes, very quick and accurate. Your picture that smiles at you at every login or comment you make; The identity is from the database.

In this data centric world, the database becomes the repository of information that is dependable. It is an organised structure of information that can be retrieved in many different ways. It has a set of tables that are interconnected and they hold all the information. Tables can be viewed theoretically as a tabular column of information that makes logical sense. The information is organised for easy and quick retrieval and storage .Many tools are available to connect to the database and perform storage, retrieval and representation. The software that does this is a database management system.

A mom might not even know all this nomenclature and underlying concepts or technology. But the faith is intuitive, like the clasp and so is the retrieval or display of her strength. A mom never expects or enacts sessions of how to retrieve her inherent strength when her creation needs it. But her output overrides her own expectations when she really shows her core values that paint her identity. Very abstract is it not?

But in information technology, the database system, the underlying operating system, the organisation of information , the process- the storing and retrieval, the updation- can be clearly defined and explained. But is it fail proof? Even if there is fail over and alternate connects exist, it at times does. In the database world everything is quantified, in fractions of seconds, including the retrieval time. But failure does happen. Ironic? Indeed it is. As of those who created these systems - a small percentage happens to be mom species.

Now, how does one look at tables in a database. How does one get messages instantly on the mobile? How to retrieve information from these complex interconnected table based systems?

 As we navigate together we have a fun way to see them. Watch this space

Kanchana Selvakumar
Kanchana is a passionate Creative Writer. She has immense interest in visualising technology through creativity. Her creative technical articles are posted at OradbaIndia . She is basically an electronics engineer with 15+ years of Information Technology experience which includes working as a freelancer and remote working. She is also passionate about English Poetry. Poetry including picture poetry can be read P4Poetry .If not in the vast world of software and systems, she likes to be lost in the exciting tiny world of her kids.

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