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Early Morning Nutrition Tips For Women

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Are you lacking the early morning nutrition but don’t know how to get it? Founder and Director at GAIA, one of India’s fastest growing health and nutrition brand, Dolly Kumar explains the importance of nutrition for women and shares a tip or two she follows herself.

In the hustle bustle of life, many women often give up on their own health in order to prioritize their family or career not realizing the detrimental effects this has on their health. At every stage of a woman’s life, nutrition from healthy food and regular exercise is a must. A healthy diet not only gives you adequate energy but also, uplifts your mood, maintains weight and lets you look your best.

Whatever your age, a well-rounded diet with whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats is important since it helps replenish the lost nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your body. It is observed that early morning is the best time to load up on those nutrients which you otherwise might miss during the day. From nutritional supplements to health foods, the market is now full of exciting options for those who wish to walk on the path of good health.

  1. Wake yourself up to a glass of lukewarm water and Spirulina capsule. It is said that women tend to lose the essential vitamins in the body much earlier hence, nutritional supplements are a must. Known as one of the richest natural sources of protein and complete food for the body, spirulina is the apt nutritional supplement that would improve your health overall. Packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, this super food helps strengthen your immunity system and prepares the body to fight against diseases and bacteria. A wonderful source of anti-oxidants, spirulina also helps in detoxifying your body and keeps your insides nourished. Further on, spirulina also increases haemoglobin levels, reduces hypertensions and also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It also aids in maintaining optimum weight. It indeed is a super-food!
  2. Another way of replenishing your body with healthy nutrients is by including whole grains in your meals. Known as the most important meal of the day, our breakfast should not only be packed with nutrients and energy but also, should be easy to prepare and light on your stomach. Both Muesli and Oats are healthy breakfast options for those who wish to add some fitness to their life. A power-food, both muesli and oats are high fibre, low fat and with no cholesterol. Laden with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, combine muesli with skimmed milk and fresh fruits to jumpstart your day. You can also dribble some honey over your bowl of muesli with skimmed milk and pleasure that sweet tooth. Oats are also known to manage cholesterol levels, maintain healthy body weight and reduce risk of blood sugar and diabetes
  3. Who said one can only get nutrients from foods? A wonderfully healthy beverage, one cup of Green tea early in the morning would keep your energized and refreshed all day. A healthy concoction, Green Tea is packed with anti-oxidants and is known to strengthen immune system and improve memory. This ‘super-drink’ also comes packed with nutrients, minerals and bioactive compounds that help in increasing detoxification process in your body, leaving you with improved digestion and a clear skin. Along with this alluring aroma and pleasant taste, your body is bound to stay hydrated and fresh! Add a spoon of stevia and squeeze a lemon in your cup of green tea and make your day a tangy, zesty and delicate affair!

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