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Last updated 30 Jan 2014 . 3 min read

The temptation to share your picture holding the ‘drunken retard’ trophy from last night’s party on twitter might be hard to resist, but think it over. You might not want the entire world to know about your not so glorious feat. And least of all, your employer or co-workers.

Even though employers are not generally concerned what you do after office hours but no one would want someone who rants about their workplace woes online to work for them. Social media has brilliant features that allow you to announce what time you go out for lunch, the minute details of your break-up and what time you sleep but there are some things that you need to keep off it.  Chances are your boss or employer-to-be has his/her eyes on all your social media activity. Here are a few things that you might not want to post on social media to avoid getting into trouble:

Cribbing about your organization

A study says, maximum people who got fired due to social media had publicly admitted abhorring their job, not liking their boss or ridiculing the company. It is absolutely fine to express yourself, not everyone loves their job. But doing it on a public forum where not just everyone but your co-workers and boss can view it is nothing short of inviting trouble for yourself.

Upload inappropriate pictures/videos

It is perfectly okay to click and upload pictures, everyone does it. But uploading pictures or videos from Sunday night the next day and calling in sick because you have the worst hangover is an extremely bad idea. You don’t want your employer or co-workers ridicule you because of your social media activity. These pictures will end up making you look like a clown and get you attention you don’t want.  If you called in sick, you might have to explain a lot of things to your seniors if they figure you were lying.  

Sharing Sensitive Information

You might be super-excited for what is happening in your company. But sharing about the new project, your promotion, data or news of expansion can put your job at stake. This information if leaked might be accessed by competitors, which can further be misused by them. You should rather wait to share all the good news or not share such details at all.

If you called in sick, don’t be Online

You should always think about going on any social network during work hours. If you’ve called in sick, don’t post any photos or any status updates that people from work might see. Even though we all know that it’s easy to be sick and post something online, it’s best to just avoid it.

Thanks to the security or privacy settings, you can control what you share socially, but it is not always a safe option. All of us are well aware what privacy is like on the social media. So you should simply refrain from putting up something that will land you up in a problem with people at work. 

Picture Courtesy: Social Media Wijs

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