Breaking Stereotypes Is No More A Charity Act, But Need Of The Hour!

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Ladies, if you haven’t read about Rihanna’s beauty line, Fenty Beauty making waves, then you must be living under a rock! Yes, it is that big of a deal. We are talking about a makeup line which is inclusive in nature. It literally caters to all shades, 40 to be precise. Fenty Beauty has been named one of the best inventions of the year 2017, by the TIME magazine. And the reason we are hyperventilating is that for the first time a makeup brand has made an attempt to include women of all shades, ranging from the lightest to the darkest. This is revolutionary in many ways. Women of color, as the Americans say it, are not a niche consumer base. Definitely not in India, although the fairness ad brigade would like to think so. The smashing success of Fenty Beauty is an example that inclusivity is the new and innovative way to double your profits and increase your brand value.

We spoke of How Brands Are Challenging Beauty Stereotypes In The Digital World. This time we are going to talk about certain personalities who have carved their niche by not conforming to the norms but have still managed to stay in the game.

Ashley Graham (Plus size models)

Ashley Graham has become the first curvy fashion model from America to debut on the Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid models this year.

Thank god! Finally, we see FAT women on screen, on ramps, in magazines, slaying like a boss. Fat girls were only shown as someone with sad, pitiable lives who were often cast as the less-attractive friend of the gorgeous actress. Now the narrative is shifting, we have stories of fat women being told. Case in point being, the 2015 sleeper hit, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, starring Bhumi Pednekar and Ayushmann Khurrana where Prem played by Khurana, a school dropout, hesitantly marries an educated but overweight girl, Sandhya, essayed by debutant Bhumi Pednekar.

Ashley says, “It is not about who has the highest cheekbones anymore. It is really about how to be a boss, a brand, and a businesswoman.” We couldn’t agree more with you! Bow to this boss-lady.

Ashley Graham, highest paid plus size model of 2017 by TIME

Ashley Graham becomes the first curvy model to be listed in the TIME's highest-paid models' list. 

Mona Varonica Campbell (Transgender models)

Mona Varonica Campbell, India's first and only plus size transgender model

Mona Campbell, India's only plus-size transgender model!

As unique and intriguing as her name, Mona Varonica Campbell made it to the headlines after her much talked about showstopper appearance for Wendell Rodricks at the Lakme Fashion Week. Mona who hails from Andhra Pradesh is the country’s first and only plus-size transgender model. Our apathy and in some extreme cases baseless prejudices towards the transgender community stems from our lack of awareness about the varied genders. Let get this out of our way once and for all; Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. The term transgender is not indicative of gender expression, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, or how one is perceived in daily life. This Telugu stunner took the decision when she was 16, to respond to her inner voice and identify herself as a woman. That takes a lot of courage and belief in oneself to break-free from the shackles of what society considers and drills down one’s psyche as “normal” and "acceptable." It is commendable on how she maneuvered through these prejudices and made a name for herself.

When she is not busy being the runway diva, Mona holds a Ph.D. Doctorate and is a celebrity makeup artist with her signature makeup label, VARONICA MAKEUP ARTISTRY. 

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Saloni Chopra

Saloni Chopra is probably the sassiest Indian Instagrammer I have come across in the past year. She shot to fame with her crazy good posts on her Instagram account taking digs at patriarchy, misogyny, everything that clips our wings and stunts our flight or even celebrating her menstrual cycle. Her Insta bio reads Feminist AF, unlike some who want to play it safe, maybe not to ruffle the feathers and offend the ones at powerful positions. But hey, it’s no more about men vs. women, moreover like we are in it together so let’s right the wrong. Check out her most badass posts on her Insta handle @redheadwayfarer.

Saloni Chopra keeps posting on her Instagram handle @redheadwayfarer about feminism.

Saloni Chopra's bold posts on women, society, and patriarchy have earned her a lot of followers on Instagram.

Alex Victor

When I say belly dancer, you might think of a beautiful, full-bodied woman jiggling and swaying her waist to Arabic beats. Certainly, not a man. But, here you go, Alex Victor, a trained Kathak and belly dancer is doing just that. I think this man has got more rhythm in his body than my whole family combined on a dance floor! His moves are so graceful and fine that it is almost impossible to not be in awe of his dancing skills. Still feel it is not manly? Check out the video below:-



A shout out to all the ‘misfits’ who are slaying it by embracing their real selves and in the process opening channels for conversations that seldom took place before. There are various brands that are noticing this shift and probably now is the right time for marketers to ride on the wave and tap its potentiality to reach out to a wider audience on digital platforms. As I said earlier, the internet has opened the floodgates for us, we might as well take advantage of it and bring a significant change in the narrative.

Women’s internet is one such phenomenon which screams inclusivity and demands change in the age-old belief system of do’s and don’ts for women and the remaining fringe groups. We are thrilled to initiate this conversation.

In our upcoming event on November 24, 2017, #TheSHIFT* by SHEROES, we deconstruct the new narrative around Women’s Internet, along with the best minds from the marketing and advertising world. An event of high energy, no-filter conversations, and deliberations, #TheSHIFT Series will raise important questions around this theme. Get more details on the event here.

* This is an exclusive, by-invite-only event.



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