Preeti’s Inspiring Journey From Battling Fears To Taking Charge

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battling fears to taking charge battling fears to taking charge

Preeti Bhati has come a long way from thinking that there is no place for women to dream about their career. To encouraging girls around her to dream bigger and bolder. How did this happen? We bring you this interview where a small-town girl not only overcomes her internal fears and prejudices and inspires others to do that as well.

Preeti from MMTC-PAMP sharing her take charge story below.

#1. How would you define yourself as a person and tell us a little bit about your childhood or growing years that helped you in becoming what you are today?

As a person, I’m a day-dreamer. I believe in my dreams & law of attraction. I’m result-oriented about my dreams, constantly checking in with the goals to determine how close or how far away I am & what it will take to make it happen.

I’m a people person & I like making people feel comfortable in my presence. I am the 2nd one out of 4 siblings. I belong to a middle-class family.  When my elder sister went to hostel for her studies. I felt like am the elder one now at home & I understood my responsibilities as a person. After this, I focused on my dreams & life.  I would describe my childhood with one word “Education” I paid a lot of attention in class, with occasional fun. All this helped me a lot in becoming what I am today.

#2. Tell us what is your role at MMTC-PAMP and the challenges you faced as a professional? How would you say it helped you grow in your field?

I have been working with MMTC PAMP since June 2011. I am the Section In-charge of Quality team. I ensure the Quality of Products for Customers.

I faced two specific challenges when I got this job; 1) I had to leave my home town & stop further regular studies. There was opposition from society too as I needed to leave home & live in another city all by myself. But, I did not pay heed to these distractions and convinced my family. After joining this company, a month later my family again asked me to resign & take admission in some college to get a regular degree. But I wanted to continue my studies along with my job.

I used my one-month professional experience & tried to convince my family. They believed in me & finally supported me in my decisions  I made it happen. Also, I did not stop studying. I chose correspondence studies. Now my family knows that I took the right decision.

#3. Did you face any opposition when you had to take up this job offer? If yes, how did you deal with it?

I worked with people of different personalities & I was shy in nature. At first, I found it difficult to open up easily in front of others. I noticed my weakness & tried to change it into something positive. I worked on it and now I have become a people’s person.

I love making new friends at work. Now I can easily mingle with a group of people & can easily resolve any conflicts among my team members.

#4. What would you say have been your 3-5 (you can add more if you wish) biggest learnings as a professional so far?

My biggest  learning were -

  • Self Awareness: Because building awareness about yourself is the most important learning which we can have to improve.
  • Examine decisions: I learnt how I can examine my past decisions & actions in order to improve my present. It helped me to take more accurate decisions in various situations.
  • Dealing with change: I learnt change is good for me. So I always try to change my working style & seek feedback from my colleagues. So that I can perform well in all situations.
  • Work-life balance: I understood the importance of work-life balance. With the pressure of work we, at times, ignore our friends & family. I learnt how I can manage both at the same time. It helped me to maintain my relationships at peace

#5. How do you think more and more girls should be encouraged to dream big? What are the changes we need to bring in ourselves as individuals, families and societies?

I want to say to all girls, first learn to dream big.  If you can’t dream you cannot achieve anything, because In life we get what we think.

So, girls, you all must take stand for yourselves &  should share your passion with your family & loved ones without any hesitation. Because if you will not share it with your family they won’t understand it.

Most important is to stick to your dream. Dreaming & Sharing is not enough for what you want to achieve. You might be distracted again and again by obstacles. But you just need to stick to it. If you believe in yourself you can overcome all your obstacles or fears.

So, girls, you should overcome your fears by living Bigger & Bolder.

Don’t stop dreaming big. No one can stop you from achieving your dreams if you strongly believe in yourself.

As an individual, family or society what we all need to learn is to “listen” what girls want & support them as much as we can.

Stop criticizing or hurting them on little things. Believe strongly that girls have the power to change the world. Let them do what they want.

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