Being an Independent Woman, Life Becomes Smooth as Time Passes

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life of independent woman life of independent woman

Bhawna belongs to Ludhiana and is living away from her family in Sohna. She joined the Minting department at MMTC-PAMP first and expressed her willingness to change roles, learn something new and move to the front-end customer-facing function, which was indeed a bold move. She received the Assayer training at the  MMTC-PAMP Lab and cleared the final test in one shot with flying colours even without any prior technical background. Bhawna is among the first few women assayers in the country. She is also a keen singer.

As a person, I am contented and helpful in every way. My father passed away in 2007 when I was only 14. My mother took charge and brought us up. She is my inspiration. Whatever I could make of myself, is only because of her. After completion of my 3 years’ diploma, I got selected for MMTC-PAMP INDIA PVT LTD and joined here in June 2014.

I worked in Plant for 3.5 years, my role was of customer satisfaction which was within the four walls of the Plant. But now it is much more than that. Presently I am working in Retail Outlet at Ludhiana. Now I get to face real customers which call for a lot of sales skills too. I always believe to give my best for the betterment of the company.

For an independent woman I would say life is not that stressful it becomes smooth as time passes. Everything changes accordingly, one becomes more confident to take decisions on their own. And obviously living far from family is difficult, but soon we realize that being away from home is good in many other aspects. Living alone makes you progressive and independent.

I am also a singer, yes, you heard it right, but it is not my hobby. It’s just that I like music so I sing. And yeah it is not any side project, I just love to sing!

Switching from one department to another and growing non-linearly in MMTC-PAMP

It’s just company had an IJP for our new project in Ludhiana, knowledge of the local language was one of their preferences for selection.  So my friends encouraged me to apply for the same and to my luck, I got selected. Also, I like to learn new things. Working in Retail Outlet was very new to me, It is like dealing directly with the customers.

An Assayer's work is to do melting & testing of Gold and to handle the Walk-in Customers who visit at the Outlet. In other terms, an Assayer is also a caretaker of a Retail Outlet. They have to manage all the reports & accounting of their own Outlet as only they are responsible for that. 

Yes, Assayer should require to have sound technical knowledge for this field. I am thankful for the two months training at the plant before joining here. It was indeed very helpful to me and I learnt about machines, their functioning, making reports & accounting, etc apart from the basic task of melting and testing of gold. My zeal to learn new things, as a result of which that training was more than enough for me I guess.

Working for 5 years with MMTC-PAMP has been a very good experience and a great feeling. I would say I joined as a child here and have grown up as a professional. 

As a professional, I have learnt various life skills as well as professional skills such as cooperation, team spirit, patience, self-confidence, how to deal with the team, how to manage work. I made my team the happiest always when I was there in Plant, this was the big learning, I guess.                                                                                                                                                                           

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