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Men and Women not treated equally

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1. You are valued for your capabilities irrespective of your gender. Which I think is a plus.
2. They provide you with ample opportunities to learn and grow professionally. Which helps you build up confidence and advance further along faster. If you are ready to take ownership, the company leadership always helps you to grow. For some things and technologies they are quite advanced than their competitors.
3. They did have some interesting gifts and parties for employees. And if you could spare time from your work, they were fun.
4. It has one of the smarted bunch of people I had ever worked with. Which makes the work challenges all the more interesting and pushes you to do better.
5. If you want to study further, company supports you and half of the people there are more than capable to help you in your studies and application.

1. During my time there, not a lot of people were married, especially not females. So the concept of work-life balance didnt actually exist.
2. Not only the people there were smart, lot of them were workoholics, so gradually it rubbed off on me too and got into the habit of working all odd hours, over weekends and holidays. And I liked it too.
3. Sometimes the "cigerette breaks" which some male members took during work hours annoyed me. Because it wasnt just a break, it slowly converted to informal meetings and realising this a lot of non-smoker men started going for these "smoke-breaks" too, as a result we 3 female members of the tema were left out of quite a bit of team diacussions. But it could have been just our team.
4. In my experience technical associates had the toughest time there, in comparison to analyst or operations associates.
5. The US and UK teams seldom considerwd time difference between locations, which meant having calls and reviews at all odd hours.
6. What I had found the oddest was that despite the fact that everyone gave thwir best in whatever they were doing, the company never really thought of introducing a reward programme for its employees.

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